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  1. Alberta 1L Hiring

    Do you remember which firms asked for midterm grades?
  2. Chances? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156

    You’re in. I had 3.93 156 and I got in early, like end of January.
  3. Just call Heather and ask her what she thinks of your chances, she probably won't give you any guaranteeing statements (i.e., "you're in," or "you're not in") but you'll be able to gauge what she's thinking based on your interaction.
  4. trust me, they literally don't care about your cumulative GPA. They don't even consider it.
  5. PS - Alberta

    You don't have to mail it, that's just an option. You can just email it to the law admissions email once you've applied and completed the PS.
  6. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    Yeah, I think you're guaranteed to get in at some point in the cycle, but this is purely based on last year's stats. My friend got accepted around 2 weeks after I did, and he had a 4.0 and 153. I got accepted towards the end of January. You never know, you could get admitted early on in the cycle, but that doesn't really matter because I think you're at some point for sure. Good luck.
  7. Chances L2 3.96 - 154

    In. Just check the applicant profile if you wanna have a better idea.
  8. You never know. Are you saying that there is no way for them to know where applicants have paid their deposits at? Or are you implying that even if they could, they would never affect whether an applicant will be admitted?
  9. It's not bad, I find myself procrastinating a lot, though. Hence why I'm on LS.ca, lol.
  10. You're in at UofA, my stats were insignificantly better than yours and I was admitted in January (L2 3.925, 156), and I wrote the December LSAT. For Calgary, I honestly don't know. They rejected me off of the waitlist in September. I don't know for sure how "good" my ECs and work experience were in their eyes, but at the UofA I was awarded a huge scholarship for my community service. Based on that, I'm sure my ECs weren't bad, and I think I might have been rejected because I had already paid my deposit at UofA, which they can definitely find out somehow, and also maybe because of my age - I was 22 when I applied. This is purely speculative, though, especially my comment on my age when I applied, it's just anecdotally thrown around the forums and among other law school applicants that Calgary cares a lot about a person's age. I don't definitively know how much bearing age plays in the admissions process. Anyhow, good luck with your applications this cycle, and congrats on finishing the LSAT. You must be glad that shit is over and done with.
  11. Chances

    In, but not 100% sure at what point in the cycle, but if those are really your stats, then you’re in.
  12. Chances

    In, as soon as they start sending out acceptances.
  13. Pre-law Undergrad? (Business? Science?)

    Just gonna reiterate what everyone else said, and advise you to do what interests you, and more importantly, what you think you'll do well in. If I was in your situation, though, and I was kind of on the fence between law school and med/dentistry, I would still probably do a degree that I feel I would do well in and get an awesome GPA, while still being interested in it. This is only because a few med schools now don't even have prerequisite courses to be able to apply, you just gotta write the MCAT. That leaves you with the option to go to law school or med school, while having a solid chance at both. The same can't be said for dentistry, though; I'm pretty sure all dent schools require prerequisite courses to apply. On a side note: I love seeing posts like this for a couple reasons. One because it just reminds me of how dumb I was in high school, I never even thought about university until my mom told me I would have to start working and paying rent if I didn't go to postsecondary. And two, because it's crazy to see how much younger kids know about university, and their future careers. I didn't know shit back then. Good for you, and I wish you the best of luck.