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  1. Removing Tort Law from First Year

    Maybe I’m biased because I work in civil litigation, but I feel like torts and legal writing are basically the two most important and foundational classes you take in law school. So I’m sort of surprised that those are the courses they’re choosing to move around.
  2. Updated Indices for Solicitors/Barristers Exam

    The Law Society doesn't provide you with indices. People either make them themselves, or purchase them from other people who have made them themselves.
  3. Advice for seeking articles in April / May of 3L

    I'm seeing a lot there about what you don't want to do - what do you want to do? Also, why did you only start looking for articles in April? Like was there a reason that stopped you from looking before then, or did you just not get around to it? You say that you're tired of the interviewing process, but you only started it a month ago and you've put out probably 10x fewer applications than everyone else in your year looking for work. I'm just confused. Am I missing something?
  4. Registered for June, what do I do from here?

    Just FYI, my L2 like five years ago was around 3.75, I had a 166 (and robust softs like everyone else) and got into Western quite late in the cycle.
  5. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    Yeah, even in a small firm context - in my experience, lawyers don't rely on a summer student the way they would on an articling student, and you're probably quite forgettable unless you make a VERY VERY GOOD impression (or a very terrible one).
  6. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    ......okay yes, as a student don’t get this drunk - but elephant in the room here, what the heck was a partner doing making out with a student?? How is that acceptable at all?!
  7. Need summary for Woolley - Lawyers' Ethics

    Man, you guys are intense. If someone needed a summary and asked me for one, I’d give them a summary. (Maybe I’m just a chump?) I might not give them my PERSONAL summary that I had annotated and edited and toiled over for weeks, but I’d happily hand off an upper year’s old summary that presumably was floating around anyway.
  8. Civ Pro past exam answers

    I was going to respond to your PM but I figured I'd post the answer here in case it helps anyone else. First, I do not believe that one should ever, ever, (ever) prepare for a law school exam by aiming to memorize as much as you can. That's a terrible idea. Don't do that. I don't know why you would have done that for your 1L exams or how that worked for you but if that's what you're doing, I would highly recommend stopping that immediately. Your summary is probably 150 pages long and available at your fingertips. Why would you aim to memorize it? I always found that the best way to prepare for law school exams was to find an old exam and practice answering it. This way, you get experience issue-spotting, and in any event it's highly likely that the prof's exam this year will look 80% the same as the exam from last year, so you'll probably get a leg-up on prewriting your future answer. The practitioners who teach civ pro at Western use slides. If you cannot find a summary, read the slides. If I remember correctly they're quite succinct. Good luck.
  9. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    My advice for all summer students can be boiled down to three points: 1. Be there when the lawyers want you there; 2. Do not be there when the lawyers don't want you there; 3. Take initiative - try to attend discoveries / mediations / pretrials etc as much as you can (while you're still only a summer student and have no actual responsibility). This is obviously litigation-specific but I'm sure there are similar excursions for solicitors. Good luck.
  10. Why so many hours in a work week for criminal defence lawyers

    I encourage you to find me an emerge doc who agrees with you.
  11. Civ Pro --- HELP

    Those practitioners have been teaching civ pro at Western for a number of years - I'm sure there are summaries floating around. Have you checked the dropbox?
  12. Windsor VS. Western

    Like 99% of the time, the type of law you think you want to do as a 0L (be it health law, human rights, entertainment law, international law, or other unicorn specialties) will not be the same type of law you end up working in. Windsor and Western are both fine. You will be fine pursuing whatever area of law you want to pursue at either school. IMHO, don’t get hung up on the special programs offered and just pick whichever school you like better.
  13. Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    Another great contender: HarveySpecterCJ
  14. Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    I sometimes wish I could go back to when I joined this site and change my username to AsSheThenWas. But then again, that looks too much like "ass, he then was".
  15. You also still have a copy of the March 2018 solicitors exam materials. The materials haven't changed since May 2017, and you have access to a PDF copy through your licensing account.