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  1. All licensing candidates pay the same fees - it's still buried in.
  2. The thread title made me think June 2017 bar results had come out. Scared the living daylights out of me.
  3. In case this helps anyone, I do know one person in my year (read: a few years ago now) who I know was accepted off of the waitlist after the July firm-accept deadline, but I haven't heard of any others. Not to say there weren't any others, but I only know of one person for sure.
  4. It's common for moots to have a panel of three judges. If you advance to final rounds, those rounds are often open to the public and some people will come watch, but other than that, you'd be speaking to three judges and two opposing "counsel". Although I have to say - mooting would likely be a lot easier if you're comfortable with public speaking. Those three judges aren't just watching, they're engaging with you in conversation deliberately trying to interrupt you. They're probably going to ask you the exact questions you're hoping that they don't ask. But not everyone has to moot! And if you do want to moot, you're probably fine.
  5. Sleep tight everyone! See y'all on the other side!
  6. No. That's the nature of a deposit.
  7. Are you at a Canadian law school?
  8. Man, you do not want to see my bar materials right now.
  9. I think 0Ls overestimate the extent to which preparation for class translates into good grades. In all honesty, the factor that will probably have the biggest impact on your exam grades is the speed at which you can type.
  10. There are jobs posted throughout the year that are not OCI jobs but are also not RA/clinic jobs. These jobs are often located in the city centre of one's choice, which often is not London, and they nearly all present at least the opportunity of being hired back for articles. It's not unusual or out of the question for someone to forego applying for a clinic job (applications for which are both very competitive and also come out in December) to roll the dice for a law job that MAY hire back (and may not be in London) that could come out in second semester. It is entirely possible for someone to fervently apply for positions in law in 2L and come up short. As I've said before, I'd estimate that half of Western's 2L class ends up in this boat. Also the OP said that (s)he's put out 90+ more inquiries since OCIs, so I'm not entirely sure why everyone is coming to the conclusion that OP struck out at OCIs and then just gave up on a law job all together.
  11. You need a subscription to use either of those services, and they're quite expensive. There's also no reason for you to be looking up case law before going to law school. I actually wasn't even aware that an iOS app exists for either of these databases; I just looked up the Westlaw app and it seems to be only the American version anyway - so even a Canadian law student wouldn't find it particularly useful. In other words, no you should not download them.
  12. At least at Western, the general stat that gets thrown around is that 25% of the class gets a job in the OCI recruit. This year people self-reported that our numbers weren't quite as strong, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. To add to those numbers, we can very generously assume that another 25% of the class snags a 2L job after the recruit from postings, or has an RA or clinic job. The postings for 2L jobs after the recruit are few and far between and trickle in extremely slowly; with the exception of the crop of OSC jobs that are posted every year, they also nearly all post for only one position each. All of those people included together, that's still only half of the class. And when you're in the thick of things, it can feel like 85%+ of your class has a job already. And as for the reason people tend to exclude clinics and RA positions - 99% of the time, the main reason people want a 2L job is so that they can maximize their chance of being hired back for articles. Students working as RAs or in the Clinic obviously have to apply to the articling recruit and roll the dice, so these aren't normally considered "first choice" jobs.
  13. I know it doesn't feel this way, but the majority of your class doesn't have a 2L summer law job. The CPDO does their best to connect people with 2L jobs outside the recruit, but at the end of the day there just aren't that many employers outside of corporate firms that are large enough to take on 2L summer students. It's not you. (Also, before articling (or 2L summer if you're particularly lucky), no employer expects you to have legal experience - so don't worry about that). You'll be ok! Statistically, nearly everyone ends up ok. And if you have the requisite grit to send out 90+ inquiries to employers, I'm sure that level of persistence will serve you well in the future. Focus on the articling recruit now.
  14. @AlmostALawyer14 @LawYerMaybe - I am also in this same boat. I'm pretty sure we all are. From what I've heard from 5Ls, this is how almost everyone feels. Statistically it'll probably be fine.