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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    PFO = Please F*ck Off. It's a short form for that email - you know the one - the one you get from a firm that tells you that you didn't get the job. It normally says something like "unfortunately this year was more competitive than usual", "please apply again next year" and/or "best of luck with the process". ITC = Intent To Call. This is a short form for emails sent by firms to let you know that they're going to be calling you or interviewing you at the next stage.
  2. Getting a disclosure for a traffic ticket

    I've never needed to give submissions on Stinchcombe to get disclosure. At most, I've had to give submissions on how many times I've requested the disclosure I'm asking for.
  3. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Anyone expecting "fairness" in the recruit, especially at as early a stage as ITCs - you're going to have a bad time.
  4. 2018 2L Recruitment

    The Davies PFO is a truly a rite of passage for young bright-eyed 2Ls.
  5. Fee on first day of class

    Mandatory. The trade-off is that it covers your SLS fees for all three years, and they'll never ask you for it again.
  6. Failed the Bar - Which strategies worked for you?

    I found practice exams extremely useful. Practicing looking up questions with my index was probably the best use of my time.
  7. Honours Bachelor or Bachelor degree

    Does this have anything to do with law school at all?
  8. that 5% case brief has shaped the entire trajectory of our legal careers. (this is a joke. you'll be fine.)
  9. Ontario Bar Exam Prep - June 2017

    No, it's not possible. You need to be registered in the Lawyer Licensing Process in order to write the bar exams. Registration for a licensing year happens in November/December of the year before (November/December of 3L, usually). The licensing year that you register for begins in late April. Accordingly, you can't get your bar materials or Lawyer Licensing Process ID card (which are both required in order to write the bar exams) until late April of the year after you have registered for the licensing process.
  10. June 2017 Solicitors Exam Results Question

    This seems extraordinarily unlikely. I just called too, they said first week of August. Everyone take a deep breath.
  11. "Senior Call Pays" Rule

    As someone very close to the bottom of the totem pole, this rule is my favourite rule.
  12. June 2017 Solicitors Exam Results Question

    I haven't checked my email this frantically since 2L in-firms.
  13. Ask a 1L student

    London is south of Toronto but the lakes do mess with the weather, so you end up having extremely hot and humid summers and extremely cold and dry (and snowy) winters. It's a city of extremes. Gotta love being in the snow belt!
  14. You apply to all Ontario schools through one system (OLSAS). As a result of that, you have to manage your acceptances to those schools in light of each other. The system gives you the option to "provisionally accept" one of your offers at any given time - this indicates that of the offers you had at that time, you've chosen one school and are therefore rejecting your offers from the others. To put this in perspective - lets say you've been accepted to Western, Queen's and Ottawa, and you're still waiting to hear back from Toronto and Windsor. If you "provisionally accept" Queen's, then you're taken to have rejected your offers from Western and Ottawa. If, however, you later get accepted into Windsor and you want to go there instead, you're free to "provisionally accept" Windsor later (and therefore reject your offer from Queen's, even though you previously provisionally accepted it). There's some date in July of each year when the "provisional acceptances" become firm, and you can't mess with them anymore. Whether you accept or reject an offer from a school outside of Ontario is not information that is immediately made available to all other schools (including the Ontario schools) in the same way. You're still expected to act professionally in your management of your applications - accepting multiple schools' offers outside of Ontario may technically be possible, but is certainly not a good thing to do.
  15. Ontario Bar Exam Prep - June 2017

    @zmalik - I imagine we'll all have a much better idea of who will be writing at the November sitting once June results come out.