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  1. Wait List 2015

    Yeah I just saw this now as well- thinking about sending them an email regarding where I am on the list. Has anybody from previous years from this forum been admitted on the wait list? And if so, how long did it take for them to hear back?
  2. Queue Length

    Yeah I was part of the January 7th group and still haven't heard anything.
  3. Accepted 2015

    Got in this morning as well!! L2 around 3.7/3.8, but my cGPA was significantly lower, particularly with OLSAS's grading formula. Low 160s LSAT. Strong ECs and (I think?) strong LORs. Got the email from them saying that they were ready to evaluate my application on December 10th, in case anybody was wondering. First acceptance of the cycle so I'm extremely happy. Sincere thanks to everybody on this forum- though I rarely post, reading this site has often been a great balm for my neuroticism, as I checked it constantly while waiting. Best of luck to everyone else!
  4. Everything sounds great, just the idea of being located on campus seems like a good call to help temper the concerns like transportation/weather. I saw another res called College Quarter that looks pretty ideal as well, is that also connected via tunnels?
  5. Great input guys, thanks a lot. Nothing that was said seems particularly bad (aside from maybe the Leafs fans haha), and the pros are very enticing. I really have no interest in attending a law school that is ultra-competetive or anything like that, so it is encouraging to see everybody raving about the people at U Saskatchewan. On a semi-related note, housing/transportation was mentioned a few times. While these are obviously important factors, I was hoping to mitigate most of the negatives by living in a university residence (assuming that I'm accepted in 2015 of course). Can anybody attest to this experience?
  6. I've lived all of my life in big Canadian/U.S cities. I really like the idea of potentially going to the University of Saskatchewan for law school, but I'd love to get some more input on how people find the city of Saskatoon as a place to live, particularly individuals like me who came from larger cities. Thanks in advance!
  7. It seems extremely highly likely that it will be tomorrow, October 2011 was essentially the same situation; the date was said to be a Wednesday as well, the 26th, yet the exams were released on the 24th, the Monday (around 4ish for those neurotic people as crazy as I am)
  8. The October 2010 score was released on Saturday, October 30th- two days before the supposed release of the scores. That being said, it may be best to relax as it seems unlikely that this relative anomaly would occur once again.
  9. U of Saskatchewan vs. U of Manitoba

    Jeez don't know why he's being jumped on for asking a simple question. OP, I'm not experienced but anecdotally i've heard of Sask grads in Toronto area, but mostly in Sask/Calgary and to a lesser extent Edmonton. From what I can gather on this forum, UofM generally doesn't have much reach outside of Winnipeg
  10. As much as I want a Friday release date of our scores, given the data for September/October test predicted releases relative to their actual releases Monday seems far more likely: http://www.manhattanlsat.com/actual-score-release.cfm
  11. Just some light practice, no full tests (did more than my share of those in previous weeks), and watching my water intake/sleep. Good luck guys!
  12. First time LSAT taker writing at Humber College as well; time is indeed 8:30, and my ticket does not say the room either so I imagine it will either a) be fairly obvious upon entering the correct floor or b) the entire floor is devoted to the test. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!
  13. bandit: I'm afraid not, although I am sure that is a very useful component of an application. anoellle: Absolutely I would; while i've only been to Saskatoon/Saskatchewan a handful of times I really like the community vibe that I get the sense of when I'm there, so I'll be sure to mention that when I am making my application. And i'll keep working on competitive stats haha. Thanks for all the input, everybody has been super helpful!
  14. I've only been to Saskatchewan a handful of times, but my grandfather was born there and has lived there on and off (currently off) for much of his life, and visits whenever he isn't living in the province. I'm just as curious as you whether or not my connection is sufficiently strong, so I suppose I'll have to wait and see what the university thinks.
  15. Great, thanks! Really puts the whole Saskatchewan connection into perspective. I'll be sure to frame my application that way to reinforce the connection, thanks for the help guys