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  1. OSOG for 2016-2017 academic year

    Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Anyone know if there will be an OSOG payment for 2016-2017 OSAP recipients? I realize the grant will not be offered for 2017-2018 and onwards.
  3. Just curious about the ways in which young associates go about building a network of clients in a saturated market. I have heard of 3rd/4th year associates joining firms in the Middle East, Australia, etc. (practicing mainly in Corporate/M&A) with the hopes of forging relationships with clients overseas and bring those contacts back to Canada. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello, A furnished 1 bedroom ground floor suite in Kensington/Sunnyside will be up for rent from September 1 on-wards. It is being offered for $850/month with 40% of the utilities (shared with the tenant upstairs). There is a shared laundry and is less than 5 minutes to Sunnyside station. The current landlord is looking for a 1 year lease but this can be negotiated directly with them. Please PM me if interested or would like more details and I can forward your information to the landlord.
  5. Prime plus 0%

    did you need a co-signer?
  6. In terms of electives: Easy, but also interesting: Mining, M&A, and Tax. Doubt any law course would be "a ton of fun". I don't take brutally hard classes, even if it's "super useful". I'll take my chances in the real world.
  7. Suits For Men

    What's the difference in quality between Suit Supply suits and Spier and Mackay suits?
  8. Does anyone know if LOP students are eligible for any awards or bursaries from UBC?
  9. Client Experiences in Junior Securities Market

    Seems like OP is moving in-house.
  10. What was your OCI to In-Firm success rate?

    3 OCIs, 2 In-firms, 1 Offer
  11. Toronto 2017 2L Recruitment

    OCI Gowlings (Calgary)
  12. Toronto 2017 2L Recruitment

    ITCs mean that they are going to call to schedule in-firm interviews?
  13. Verifier question

    you could include whatever information you have. Do you have an email or cellphone number for the owner? If so, include that. If you're concerned about OLSAS verifying this information, I highly doubt they do. I think it is up to the school to call old employers. I confirmed with all 4 of my old employers and none of them were contacted about my application.
  14. Ask an Upper Year!

    Yes, applications are due at the end of January and interviews are usually scheduled during reading week (they have been for the last couple of years and I don't see it changing).
  15. Calgary 2L Summer Recruit

    Are you referring to OCIs?