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  1. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    Fulfill 2 and 14 by saying no to another one you don't want to do.
  2. How much does lawpro suck?

    It takes quite a bit to get real estate insured also.
  3. I would call the NCA to double check but I believe that they have now changed the requirement to 2 years of canadian in class law school if you have an LLB or JD from outside Canada. The best route, I think, would be to enrol with the NCA, have the application assessed. The NCA will then give you a a letter outlining a list of courses needed to complete your process so you use that to specifically apply for a 2 year masters. Osgoode requires that NCA letter before letting you register. If I'm not mistaken you need a B average to get in.
  4. Should I Drop Out? (ADVICE NEEDED)

    I don't mean to be rude but if that's how you feel, drop out asap. Another person who actually wants it will take it if you do it early enough.
  5. Getting a disclosure for a traffic ticket

    Well I'm also being rude and trying to get him to spend money on ppl who know better. It sort of gets to me when ppl call for a "quick question" hoping they can get that missing piece of the puzzle for free.
  6. Getting a disclosure for a traffic ticket

    I said it because it has happened to me. I had a crown tell me that they dont have those so I had to provide them with case law that they had an obligation to secure it if requested before it gets automatically destroyed. Also had a similar scenario with a 311 complaint call.
  7. Getting a disclosure for a traffic ticket

    lol Yeah I'm sure they are well aware of Stinchcombe but if let's say he wants to get something beyond officer notes and depending on the circumstances it would be advisable to also get radio communications or a 911 call or what ever it may be. I like to include a case or two that fall squarely on what I am asking for precisely because I want to save time and avoid having to bring a motion and waste more time when I don't have to.
  8. Getting a disclosure for a traffic ticket

    Well when I make a disclosure request I also include case law authorities in support of my request. I know of several lawyers who do as well. I think that's the proper way of doing it. Because of that, to tell him which case law to include does seem to me like I am giving him legal advice.
  9. Getting a disclosure for a traffic ticket

    Get a lawyer or a paralegal. Stop being cheap and trying to get free legal advice.
  10. True but I would refer you to my last reply to providence above.
  11. If anything I think that we can safely admit that they both have their advantages and disadvantages that may lure ppl who attribute more weigh to those. For example, A lot of ppl think that the stigma of having done the LPP is so great that it amounts to a permanent stain in their CV. On the other hand some ppl may not be willing or able to withstand 10 months as opposed to 8 for the LLP of which 4 are paid.
  12. I dkn I'm not totally persuaded that articling for free provides for a "slightly better chance", like you say, to be hired back. This may all be based on wishful thinking.
  13. If you want to go solo right away or if you have to go solo right away. Judging by the survey lsuc did on the LPP participants, if I'm not mistaken it was something like 100% participated because they couldn't find an articling position. I am going to go on a limb and say that it's either because their grades were shit or their personalities sucked to the point where no one wanted them. So in a world where no one wants you for A or B reason then the best one can do is open up their own biz.
  14. I'm going to say that it depends on where you do it. I know that virtually all of those who did the LPP in French in Ottawa got hired back. One decided to open up her own practice and benefited immensely from LPP focus on small business management.
  15. Better to do the LPP than to do articling for free. At least you get to benefit from what you pay.