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  1. Maybe she was at a public college and the requirements are different for those I don't know but I can tell you that an LLM is definitely not required for a teaching position at a private college. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities makes all instructors fill out an Instructor Qualification Form. One has to meet the requirements of s.41 of Reg 415/06. That is, either 48 months of work experience in the vocation, OR 36 months of teaching experience in the vocation AND 24 months work experience in the vocation OR 24 months work experience in the vocation AND ether hold a bachelors degree from a Canadian university or an equivalent degree or be a graduate of a registered PCC or equivalent or be the holder of a certificate of qualification. So yeah no LLM required. It is true that grading and prepping hours are unpaid but if you know the material that you are teaching then prepping is very little really. Also with respect to grading, the system in the college where I teach generates all of the questions and pregrades all multiple choice questions. Students answer in their computers and the answers are given to me by the college. So effectively, a monkey could teach my course. I definitely do not see myself doing it forever but for the time being it's just extra cash.
  2. Yes. I currently teach at a private college in the gta and in fact my grasshoppers are taking their final exam as we speak. It's a pretty chill position but the pay isn't great. It's sort of suplementary income on the side because why not, right? Other than that it at least gives you bragging rights and helps you land clients here and there so it sort of helps your advertising. I am a new call and in the process of hussling it out. I am building my own practice from the ground up so this position accommodates that effort quite well. To that end I teach either at night during weekdays and weekend mornings as well. While I am a new call I was a licensed paralegal prior to being called so that helped me land the gig. How to land a teaching position as a paralegal instructor at a college: check on indeed.ca regularly, I know for example that trios college is constantly hiring. I tried that college before landing this position but asked for $33.00 per hour. Apparently that was too much for them. I am at a different college though but that gives you an idea of the salary ranges as well. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.
  3. Well I'll be checking it out to see what's up.
  4. Well my understanding is that Mysupportcalculator licenses the software off of DivorceMate so it's essentially the same thing calculationwise. I have a copy of every single form for family law from o'brien's forms so I'm thinking I should be okay in that department. My question is more towards the amount of calculations I can make using mysupportcalculator. The website says unlimited access to calculations for 6 months but can I create as many calculations as I want essentially allowing me to make as many calculations as I have clients? It seems from what Sunnyskies said that the answer is yes.
  5. mysupportcalculator says on their website that "This support calculator is for personal use only. If you are a family lawyer or other family law professional please contact DivorceMate Software Inc. for full featured professional tools." Does anyone know if there is a way for them to ever find out that you are using it for multiple files on a commercial basis?
  6. If the intention is to work outside of Québec I'd do the additional year at an Ontario law school as they are more recognized in canadian common law provinces. I assume you either go to u de m, uqam or sherbrooke.
  7. I did two college programs there and to be honest I loved it. I learned tons and much of what I know today is thanks to the educations I received there. I guess I should also mention that it made my law school experience seem like a walk in the park. Hope this helps dissipate some of your concerns!
  8. A while ago I shared a story where I attended a law school night out at a bar. The bouncer decided to start talking to me and shared that he too went to law school at Carleton. He seemed so convinced that he had attended law school that I opted not to correct him.
  9. Call the National Student Loan Service Centre. If you are making less than $25,000.00 a year you don't have to start paying your debt. They will give you another 6 months and before that period is up you reapply for another 6 month extension as long as your income is still under $25,000.00. Tell them you heard about this and that you are interested in applying for it, they will guide you through it. Talk to your doctor, get a documented assessment on your injury and, as suggested above, have him help you with an accommodations application with LSUC to make sure you retake your bar exam under proper circumstances and pass. Perhaps your own room, extra time with breaks in between. Talk to your doctor to see what could be right for you.
  10. PM me. I can send you my materials.
  11. Maybe you are looking for something like this? 4. Drafting and Legal Writing Use precedents Use language suitable to the purpose of the communication and the intended audience Prepare drafts of litigation documents (e.g., notices of motion, notices of application, draft orders, offers to settle, notices of appeal, affidavits, facta, minutes of settlement, releases) Prepare drafts of solicitor-type documents (e.g., correspondence, resolutions, officer's certificates, powers of attorney, agreements, letters of opinion, reporting letters, Wills) http://www.lsuc.on.ca/licensingprocess.aspx?id=2147498132
  12. You need a driving force to get you there. Whether it is for personal or professional reasons you really have to want it. Some ppl want to learn another language bc they feel really attracted to a native speaker of that language and want to be able to relate or maybe they want it for professional reasons. Whatever the reason is, the point is you need that concrete goal in my opinion. I am a native Spanish speaker and mainly learned French to bypass the LSAT. I hated that goddamn test and felt that my solid knowledge of Spanish grammar would help me get there. It did and I finished law school almost entirely in French. Now I have a very good level of French and congratulate myself for having attained solid professional proficiency in it. I picked up a toolbox for language learning along the years, first with English and then with French. I am now learning Portuguese. I'd be happy to discuss it if you are interested.
  13. Okay, nvm. It's just that when I read LLB I usually think of LLB in common law.
  14. What do you mean you finished your LLB? You mean you finished your LL.L and now wish to do the one year of common law?
  15. Finish your BA and then apply to the accelerated paralegal program at Seneca College. It's just a year.