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  1. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Not a fan of open-concept offices. Huge fan of casual dress code (except for when you have to meet a client).
  2. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    McCarthy Tetrault in Vancouver was one of the first to go open-concept with their new office in Vancouver. Their COO was quoted as saying a big benefit of the open-concept move was that they could eliminate one entire floor and save quite a bit on rent.
  3. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    A few of the large firms in Vancouver are going to the open-concept office. Have heard a few people say they enjoy it, but the majority don't seem to like the lack of privacy and feeling of constantly being watched. I know of one partner who jumped ship to another firm, primarily because his firm went to an open-concept office.
  4. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Heard they ranged from roughly 2% to 25% of salary.
  5. Partner Compensation in Canada vs US?

    What?! I thought that was part of the registration package for this site. Just one data point and no guarantee as to accuracy, but heard from a consultant friend who just ran an analysis for a large national firm (not a Sister..ugh, I hate that term) that their average profits per equity partner were approximately $800,000 (taking into account all their Canadian offices).
  6. Bay Street Bonuses

    FWIW, at my firm (large national in downtown Vancouver), everyone is able to find out who is an equity or non-equity partner through our internal directory.
  7. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    1) Yes, my firm has a strong expectation that you hit target (exceed it by a decent margin, actually) 2) Bonuses are not large enough, in my opinion
  8. Job Satisfaction: Love and/or Money [spliced]

    Wrong. This is the only thing I'm passionate about while at work.
  9. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    It definitely varies, especially as we approach the closing date for a deal, but typically about 75% of the time I spend at the office ends up being billable. It definitely depends on what kind of work I get from the partners though. So far there's been a steady dose of day-to-day commercial work, which means the hours are more predictable/routine than doing corporate transactional work, which has a lot more peaks and valleys.
  10. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Typically anywhere from 45-55 hours per week. A bit more if we’re working on a big transaction. Billable target is the same as our other Canadian offices, although I’ve been told the associates in our office typically bill the most of any of our offices.
  11. Bay St Articles Offers

    Can you elaborate?
  12. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    1st year associate at a large downtown Vancouver firm (which seems crazy to me. I remember signing up for these forums years ago as an 0L trying to get tips for the LSAT. Time flies.) Articled at the same firm I’m currently at.
  13. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    I have heard from friends at 10 other big firms in Vancouver that their first year associate salaries are at $101k (or higher).
  14. Very sorry to hear that and wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Regarding your work situation, contact the Law Society and your firm, explain your situation, and enquire about part-time or extended articles. Stay strong and all the best.
  15. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Varies quite a bit between firms. I’ve heard some big firms give bonuses of about $5-10k, whereas some can be 20-30% of salary. The highest I’ve heard of is one of the corporate boutiques can pay up to 50% bonus (but it’s known as a very demanding place to work). Anecdotally, one of my friends who was a 3-5 year call at a big firm received a bonus of about $50k last year.