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  1. Bay Street Bonuses

    Plus you can redeem it at 1.5:1 for minutes on the company helicopter.
  2. They did as of a couple years ago, though whether it's strictly Dean's list or other rank I can't confirm.
  3. Will Ontario Overhaul its Licensing System

    Speaking of online forms, I'm amazed that such an obvious bait post by OP to drive add traffic turned into gems about internationally recognized, holistically sound, unprecedentedly precedented legal regulators.
  4. Great Books To Read Before/During Law School

    Astronaut's guide to Life by Chris Hadfield, assuming you want to feel both completely inadequate and completely motivated to bust your ass.
  5. Loan Repayment

    Got an extra 10k when articling started. They also count articling as one year of school, so your LOC remains available for one year after articling. Ie. As a first year associate my LOC has yet to convert to a loan. Once your one year is up, it converts to a loan with monthly payment requirements
  6. Suits For Men

    S&M is good, even off the rack. Though I've had issues with a couple of their more recent collars being quite stiff (and borderline chafing)
  7. Advice on a Strange Articling Offer I Received

    Also, no partners in the office doesn't mean you are on your own. I'm sure they have competent lawyers there you'll work with daily. And you can look for an informal mentorship with other lawyers in the city if you need seasoned advice. If that's where you want to work, I think it's worth having a call to discuss it.
  8. 2018 Ontario Bar Exams

    Disagree. You want it done before you start working if you can. And you don't want to drag it out longer than it needs to.
  9. Saving Posts

    Just bookmark them, each post gets a unique ID so it'll always exist.
  10. Mismatched principle

    At large firms, mentors range from "I'm going to get you involved in what I'm doing cause I know you're interested in it" to "it's my obligation to meet with you twice and then sign off on your articles." You'll easily be able to make informal mentors in window washing law, still get access to good work. Plus, your mentor might have some weird side practice involving washing skittles that you actually find interesting. Official mentors removed from what you want to do can also be good, as it's a removed party to be full and frank with. Which is what you want in a mentor. Aka, don't worry about it.
  11. Billable, billed, receipted hours?

    Also based on docketed hours. Actual billable/recoverable comes into play for bonus/raises in determining your profitability to the firm.
  12. Ooooohhh Ahhhhhh

    Yup, I've got no issue with having ads, but would really prefer they weren't in the middle of the conversation.
  13. Ooooohhh Ahhhhhh

    Going to revive this versus posting a new thread, but @Morgan did something on the back end recently change for ads? On mobile I now see ads mid thread, often within a post between a quote and the rest of the thread. There's no apparent consistency, sometimes it's one every few pages, other times two on a page. It's weird and only showed up in the last little bit.
  14. Suits For Men

    If it's a travelling tailor who measures you once, it's not bespoke. That word has basically lost its meaning.
  15. Suits For Men

    Many "bespoke" are actually made to measure, so it's becoming a blurred line. Generally, go off the rack unless you have a strange body type and can't make that work. Then m2m is worth trying. Tailored off the rack can get you a very well fitting suit.