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  1. We're back.

    The sole option of a frowny face. I think it would best support the feel of the site. Stuff the pisses me off? - frowny face. You got into school but I have similar stats? - frowny face. Eepist takes 3 pages for a simple response? - frowny face.
  2. Writing the Ontario Bar out of Province

    You can't, you'll have to fly out for the tests.
  3. We're back.

  4. Suits For Men

    Suitsupply has their basic offerings at a similar price as indo and they are a better suit in my experience. Indo was a better deal when they were cheaper but I'm not sure that's the case anymore.
  5. My idea comes from the position that 1) you aren't working for the firm while doing the PLTC, and 2) there is no requirement by the regulatory authority to pay students while they attend the PLTC. You can't confuse ethics in the defined and regulated sense as applied to lawyers, with "ethics" as you've described it meaning something you don't agree with. Market forces come into play irrespective of how lucrative a firm is. If a firm doesn't offer to pay for the PLTC and still attracts the level of talent they want, that's their call. Your position could be extended to say "ethical" firms should pay the last year of university for their summer students as that's a burden they are required to overcome to do work for them.
  6. Its got nothing to do with ethics and everything to do with market forces/firm resources.
  7. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    But, does your Non-Sister, backwater firm have running water and new fangled electric lights? I hear the Sisters have even started making coffee available to lawyers, what a job perk that would be.
  8. Is this report technically correct?

    Also important: just cause someone references data or an underlying study doesn't mean they are drawing the correct conclusion from said study. You need to review primary sources yourself.
  9. Suits For Men

    Personally not a fan of french cuffs, but they can be worn well as described. One thing I tend not to enjoy is the french cuff and no tie look. It's a weird look of formal and informal (to me anyways).
  10. Style of Firm Dinners

  11. I also think it's fodder for the interview to discuss something less stuffy than "why do you want to work here" or "tell me about law school." Those get canned answers you've prepped for; talking about your interests is having an actual conversation.
  12. Volunteering could be a good option. I always take issue with the proposition that you need to "love what you do." While you absolutely shouldn't resent your job, it's ok to like certain aspects while disliking others. If you can do your job well, draw satisfaction from parts of it, and round out enjoyment from hobbies/causes/other interests, that's a pretty good position to be in.
  13. We're back.

    Cleared cookies on my computer and we seem to be good again. Though I can't guarantee that fixed it as I didn't properly test/check it.
  14. We're back.

    Has anything changed on the login front? It seems that starting today I can't seem to stay logged in between multiple devices. If I'm logged in on my phone when I visit from my computer I'm logged out, and when I log in on my computer I'm then logged out from my phone. Was never an issue before.
  15. Good resources for legal writing

    Some good discussion here: