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  1. Suits For Men

    Many "bespoke" are actually made to measure, so it's becoming a blurred line. Generally, go off the rack unless you have a strange body type and can't make that work. Then m2m is worth trying. Tailored off the rack can get you a very well fitting suit.
  2. Having seen terrifying videos of escalators breaking and plummeting backwards (and not just becoming stairs like good ol Mitch Hedberg led me to believe), I now justify people standing and my annoyance at it as a safety feature. If everyone was walking 2x2 on each step, there's a good chance that the escalator is not rated to handle that kind of force.
  3. Typing speed

    I would routinely finish exams early and not cause I was a super fast typist. You want to be clear and concise, not vomit words onto a page.
  4. Law School Survival Guide Recommendations

    I had one prof who would pose questions but not move on till the class tried to answer. The questions weren't hard, but for some reason the majority of people never said a word and it dragged things out. If you end up in a quasi-socratic class try and field the odd question to move things along. You don't have to be right, and can stick to the easy questions.
  5. Typing speed

    70-80wpm is more than enough. The only reason you'd need to type faster is if you are writing what the prof says verbatim, which is typically unnecessary. In practice, it's much more common to type in spurts. Type 3-4 paragraphs, pause and decide on next bit, repeat. No need for 100wpm to do that. The only time fast typing has been required for me so far is when motion orders are given orally and you're expected to type it up. But usually a mix of shorthand and going back over it afterwards will get it all down.
  6. Didn't stop them in the recent Google decision.
  7. Alberta or UCalgary?

    UofA stats are also misleading as they count post-grad grades. That being said I still chose it over UofC, but there's no clear winner.
  8. Firm Perks

    Know a friend of a friend who planned on taking a small amount of leave but apparently his firm had the hardest time figuring out how to handle it. It was short enough that he couldn't do a clean break on all files, so as soon as he docketed anything the firm had no idea how to handle it. I think he just decided on unofficial "holdiay" time.
  9. You need some Federal Court litigation my friend. Every entry is set out, you just call up and ask for a copy of Doc X from file no Y! It's the royal palace compared to the slums of Ontario Court.
  10. Crypto Currency and Law

    True with respect to BitCoin and other cryptos, but it remains to be seen what other applications blockchain can be used for, and whether it will be useful in more mainstream applications. That being said, understanding the technology is a better goal than understanding any legal aspects of it.
  11. Taking notes by hand

    Also, I had friends who switched from laptops to paper to "avoid the distractions." They spent the whole class on their phones instead. It's a medium that can be used however you want it to be.
  12. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    I assume the basket of Whole Foods commodities is tracked on a separate index.
  13. I'll add that as a UofA grad 2017grad's comments are in line with my views. There's good and bad points to say about any school, but overall UofA was a good choice for me.
  14. The Bar Exam/Wedding Dilemma

    The end of bar exams is very similar to the end of school exams. You'll probably want one day to sleep, but then you can definitely get into things wedding organizing wise. It's not like you need 2 weeks to recover. The last week or so before the wedding is the busiest time, but with support from your SO (and a planner if you're doing that) you'll be able to manage it.
  15. Law Firm -Sexual Relations - Question