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  1. Making mistakes

    It's also a good example of why you get someone else to check your math...
  2. Suits For Men

    There's wearing french cuffs, and then there's improperly wearing french cuffs where the entire cuff is outside the sleeve of the jacket and there is a giant cufflink. Also, obviously white collars and cuffs is reserved for when you've made it big. It's the ultimate old man money look.
  3. ABA Law School Admissions Changes

    But using an IQ score isn't a holistic measurement, it's just swapping one standardized test for another.
  4. Should I change into a dress before an in-firm dinner?

    But what if I just really want to sing the song?
  5. ABA Law School Admissions Changes

    Re interviews - so now I have to fly across the country attending interviews to see if they'll give me the pleasure of spending more money? No thanks. Re no LSAT - at the end of the day you need some method of separating the wheat from the chaff. Numbers make that easier to do. So far a mix of GPA and LSAT seems to do a good job of balancing long term prowress with results from a standardized ranking system.
  6. Oath versus affirmation discussion (spliced)

    I think we're reading a bit too much into the words of the oath vs affirmation. If you are being asked to give evidence in a situation where you know you are required to tell the truth, and what you say has real consequences, there's a level of formality and understanding that determines what you say more than some officially proscribed wording.
  7. Excuse you, the correct order is obviously West-East.
  8. Articling Docket

    I always viewed it less as "how many hours do I need to work" and more "how can I get this done." With the neverending supply of tasks for students, worrying about billable targets is somewhat secondary.
  9. Having students evaluate associates ?

    And if you've recently been a student, you should remember how frustrating getting poor instructions was and therefore take a little time to figure out what you actually need before asking for it to be done. Having clarifications come back, which may be way off from what you were looking for, is another good way to dial in your instructions.
  10. BC Crown Counsel 1/2/3

    1st year call with 3 years experience.
  11. We're back.

    The sole option of a frowny face. I think it would best support the feel of the site. Stuff the pisses me off? - frowny face. You got into school but I have similar stats? - frowny face. Eepist takes 3 pages for a simple response? - frowny face.
  12. Writing the Ontario Bar out of Province

    You can't, you'll have to fly out for the tests.
  13. We're back.

  14. Suits For Men

    Suitsupply has their basic offerings at a similar price as indo and they are a better suit in my experience. Indo was a better deal when they were cheaper but I'm not sure that's the case anymore.
  15. My idea comes from the position that 1) you aren't working for the firm while doing the PLTC, and 2) there is no requirement by the regulatory authority to pay students while they attend the PLTC. You can't confuse ethics in the defined and regulated sense as applied to lawyers, with "ethics" as you've described it meaning something you don't agree with. Market forces come into play irrespective of how lucrative a firm is. If a firm doesn't offer to pay for the PLTC and still attracts the level of talent they want, that's their call. Your position could be extended to say "ethical" firms should pay the last year of university for their summer students as that's a burden they are required to overcome to do work for them.