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  1. LGBT-Friendly Firms

    Do you have a particular practice area/setting in mind?
  2. When to Start Articling

    Assuming you're talking about Ontario, there's a hard and fast deadline. I remember reading its either the first week or the second week of November but wasn't able to find the source when I looked just now. Ask the law society directly maybe.
  3. What is Osgoode best known for?

    That one mural comes to mind when I think of Osgoode.
  4. Lawyers with accents

    Op, have you considered that your speech impediment might have a neurological basis? What you've written suggests that it isn't mechanical in nature.
  5. Lawyers with accents

    There's a lot of discussion here on Mr Naqvi and his accent. Yes, he's the AG but that doesn't necessarily mean he was a spectacular lawyer (or that he was a great litigator). The AG's position isn't too unlike that of any other cabinet member and there's a thousand considerations that factor into who gets appointed to cabinet. I think it stands to reason that there's a market for politicos that look and sound like members of various cultural communities. If you'd like, you can frame the facts to suggest that he's risen to his position despite his accent and you can also frame the facts to suggest that he's risen to his position, in part, because of his accent. Moreover, Michael Chan has an (East) Asian accent and has gone just as far in cabinet. In your case, you've said you're mimicking a British accent because that's the one that in which you are most easily understood. I think that's fine but I wouldn't fabricate a backstory to explain why you have a pseudo-British accent.
  6. Lawyers with accents

    In truth, I had difficulty understanding you in those clips. I say that as someone that struggles with a speech impediment and knows how disheartening it can be to be reminded that people struggle to understand what I say. How well can people understand you in your native language? Sometimes people attribute difficulty in understanding me to a foreign accent but it's really just the dysphasia coming through. It's persistent across each of the languages I speak. If this is something you've struggled with for some time, consider seeing a speech therapist or doing therapeutic exercises at home. It'll take a concerted effort but the payoffs are huge (considering all the opportunities that close if people have trouble understanding you). I'm doing that now but wish I'd started years ago.
  7. will Mcgill look into my grades from grad school?

    They'll take a look but won't use incorporate them into your GPA. It's more of a soft factor.
  8. Reapplying after an expired deferral

    The school that admitted you last time around might admit you again but it also might not. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  9. Transcript Bias?

    It'll be fine. At some schools, its not uncommon for students to have graduated without taking a single 400 series course.
  10. I don't think so. IIRC, there's sections in the barrister PR materials that aren't included in the solicitor PR materials (for example, advocacy). I could be wrong. Double check for yourself.
  11. French Requirement?

    1) We might just be quibbling about words, but I don't think "elementary" French will cut it. I think there's a case they suggest you read. If you've read it, were you able to make sense of it? If yes, you probably meet the minimum standard. 2) An inadequate grasp of French will close off a lot of opportunities (think judicial clerkships, .some clinic stuff, and some research assistantships).
  12. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    I find that I don't save all that much by cooking for myself.
  13. Melbourne JD

    I don't know much about Australian schools but I know enough to say that Melbourne is a good school. Australian law schools are a bit more like European law schools in that most graduates don't actually end up becoming licensed. Melbourne may be different, but I'm not sure. You should study where you want to work. You should also see if you'll be eligible for a work permit where you want to work.
  14. Are you in Ontario? I'm really just starting out, but I've found that the OBA's section groups put out a lot of useful literature on different areas of practice. The website also offers a few free recordings of CPD events as well as a lot more CPD events you can pay to register for.
  15. Legal Academia - International Applicant

    I know its been mentioned before, but I'm not sure if further studies at a Canadian university would help you get to your goal. U of T, McGill, and UBC are usually touted as the better Canadian law schools but, as far as I can tell, its rare for graduates of those schools to find teaching positions at what you, as a foreigner, would consider to be a top law school. As far as I can tell, even the schools from which they graduate have a preference for Oxbridge / T14 educated applicants. Their graduates typically have better luck (though not necessarily good luck) at other Canadian schools that are reasonably well regarded in Canada but don't have much of a reputation outside Canada. Ask yourself, as a foreigner intent on teaching at a top law school, whether you'd be satisfied with an outcome that has you teaching, if you're lucky, in places like the University of Windsor, the University of Manitoba, Thompson Rivers University, or the University of New Brunswick. They're great schools but probably not what you're hoping for.