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  1. 1) 12 chapters from the full length LSAT course books that cover every single LR type, LG type, and reading comp and homework drills. probably 1,000+ pages. Has pencil markings. 2)LG Powerscore bible has pencil markings 3) LR powerscore bible has pencil markings 4) 10 new actual official lsat book covering tests 52-61 no markings 5)Manhattan Lsat LR no markings 6) manhattan lsat reading comp no marking 7) 2004 lsats with explanations for each question powerscore workbook some marking 8) individual prep test 68 (december 2012) prep test 76 (October 2015) no marking 9) reading comp powerscore bible no marking 10) lsat exam crackers: 3 separate books covering LG, LR, and reading comp no markings If you are interested in any or all of the books, please leave an offer along with your contact number. You must pick up from Etobicoke (Highway 427 and Rexdale).
  2. LSAT textbooks for sale Toronto

    I'm selling the following LSAT books (I can only meet in Etobicoke Highway 27 and Rexdale): 1) LSAT 1ST EDITION EXAM KRACKERS COMPLETE STUDY PACKAGE BY DAVID LYNCH (3 TEXTBOOKS LR, LG, and READING) in mint condition for only 40 dollars 2) POWERSCORE LSAT FULL LENGTH COURSE BOOKS LESSONS 1-12 (Thousands of pages) for only 80 dollars (books have pencil marks). 3) POWERSCORE LOGICAL REASONING BIBLE 2015 edition for 30 bucks mint condition 4) POWERSCORE LOGIC GAMES BIBLE 2008 EDITION (pencil marks) for 20 dollars. 5) POWER READING COMPREHENSION BIBLE 2008 Edition for 20 dollars Leave number if interested and when you're available to pick up. I'm available to meet most nights after 6pm.
  3. Logic Games

    Hi, I would appreciate it if someone could please help me with this: When do I know a game is a basic linear game and not a pure sequencing game vice versa? Are there certain conditions ie) if it mentions something like g immediately before h or J must be first, it's automatically a basic linear instead of pure sequencing? Making not blocks for a pure sequencing game takes too long whereas I find it invaluable for basic linear games; that's why I wanted to know how I could identify which game it was after reading the intial rules. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
  4. I believe there are 65 prep tests released by LSAC in total. I would like to purchase all of the tests. Does anyone know where I can go to buy them all in a big bundle or do I have to buy packages of 10 plus certain tests alone? Thanks!
  5. OLSAS -Auto sketch

    Hi, For the OLSAS auto-biographical sketch under activity, is our position and organizaiton name sufficient? Because it does not provide enough room to comment on the detail of each activity. PLEASE HELP!
  6. Hi, I am applying to Ontario Law Schools for the 2012 year. I'm going to be writing the lsat for the first time in Feb as this is the last date Ontario law schools accept. How great of a disadvantage will I be at by writing in Feb? Will I be required to have higher stats to get in? Thanks
  7. How would one calculate the intial cut-off for admissions? I've read on a number of times people talking about a formula but still don't seem to understand how it works. Thanks
  8. September 2010 Admissions

    Hi Liz, What is the gpa scale used by the admissions comittee in determing your last 60 credit hour gpa? Secondly, are grades from summer classes included in the calculation? Thanks!!!!!!
  9. Thank you very much everyone for the positive feedback!
  10. Will this get me in?

    Thank you for the reply. I have already completed four years and consulted the accepted thread. I found that some people were offered admission with a last two gpa around mine or slightly lower with a minimum lsat of 158. Did any of those people get accepted without taking a full-course load in last two years (without a reasonable excuse)? or if you know anyone? Thanksss
  11. summer school?

    I've heard they take into account all of your grades cgpa, in determing the order your application is reviewed and if you meet the minimum cgpa cut-off of 3.30. However, in making their decsion they only look at last 2 years fall and winter, and highest lsat score.
  12. Will this get me in?

    Hi, I have a last two year average gpa when converted to the OLAS scale of 3.88. However, I didn't take a full course load, rather 24 credit hours (4 credits) from September to April and have no valid explanation for why i didn't take a full course load. With that said, taking into account that my gpa was acheived without a full course load, what will I need on the lsat to guarantee or stand a really good chance for admission? Thxxxxx
  13. Hi, I took my first ever practice lsat and scored a 140. Timing and the games section gave me the most trouble. I took too much time for some questions. I ended up guessing D for about 25-30 questions in total. I want to score at least 150-155 on the December lsat because my gpa is already really high. Do you think its possible to improve by taking a lot of practice tests under timed conditions or anything thing else? Also, did anyone else score really bad on their first test and end up improving greatly? Thank you very much. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. thanks for the feedback. The only thing is that time is not on my side. I'm finishing up school and have a great gpa. All I have left to worry about is the lsat. The last date for me to write is either September or December. I have the fall semester on a full course load basis which is not going to leave me that much time, if any to prepare, if I chose to write in December. In December I could potentially bomb the test as well. I think I'm leaning towards writing it in September then canceling the score if I think I missed a lot of questions. What is the best way to know you're ready? For example, writing x amount of practice tests and maintaining a consistent score?
  15. Hi, I plan on writing the lsat for september. I'm taking courses in fall 2009 and finishing a summer course by august 5. That leaves me approximately 2 months to study (all of August, September while in school). I definitely plan on taking a prep course because as it stands, I'm totally unprepared for the test. Money is not a factor and whether I should or shouldn't take the course is out of the question - I'm definitely taking it. 1)Do you think 2 months is enough time to study or is it more important to take past tests and wait until I start getting a consistent score? Let me better word this...When do I know I'm ready? 2) What is the best course to take out there (im thinking powerscore or princeton) and I want a lenghty course? Thank you very much. I appreciate any help.