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  1. "I'll take your fanciest alcohol please"

    Wasn't there a story from a few years back of an articling student who rented a Ferrari on the firm's account to do some delivery law?
  2. Explaining a false start in job search

    I have two undergrads. The first was an epic disaster (took five years, GPA under 2.3, multiple Fs, and so on). My second undergrad was sterling and law school grades top notch. At interviews it seemed like no one even looked at my undergrad transcripts and they were surprised when I mentioned I did a second undergrad because my first was horrendous. Ironically, it turned into a positive, as I relayed it into a narrative about overcoming adversity and not taking things for granted anymore.
  3. Legal Recruiters

    I have a good friend from law school who is a legal recruiter.
  4. Toronto 2016 2L Recruitment

    Nothing comforting I can say other than people fall through the cracks every year for one reason or another. I was a dean's list student, had 20 OCIs, 5 in-firms, multiple call backs from firms and did not get an offer. I eventually landed at a large Bay St. firm through the articling recruit.
  5. Toronto 2016 2L Recruitment

    Some don't send explicit rejections -- they just ignore you for the rest of your life.
  6. Toronto 2016 2L Recruitment

    Looking forward to meeting some (or hopefully all) of you this week!
  7. Number of In Firm Interviews to Summer Job Positions?

    I'll just add my two cents here, at my firm (large full service) the ratio this year of interviewees to hires is about 3:1. It will probably be even lower than that for interviewees to offers since not all of our offers get accepted.
  8. OCI's - How many is too many?

    Take all that you get up to the maximum. Twenty in a day is doable and you shouldn't self-select at this point in the process.
  9. Summarize your law school experience in 1 gif

    I was tempted to just write Res Ipsa Loquitor on my torts exam and walk out.
  10. Summarize your law school experience in 1 gif

    Most exams: http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view2/3214094/the-exam-of-mr-bean-o.gif In the end, my grade was always much better than I thought it would be coming out of the exam.
  11. financial planning for lawyers

    Thanks for this, good to know! I didn't know about the no fee regular mutual fund account.
  12. financial planning for lawyers

    Unless things have changed (I don't bank with TD and haven't looked in a few years), doesn't TD charge account fees for pprtfolios smaller than $15,000 in assets?
  13. financial planning for lawyers

    There's also the option of low MER, index-tracking mutual funds (TD e-series or Tangerine). For those with small portfolios, transaction costs from buying/selling stocks will far outweigh the MER associated with these funds.
  14. financial planning for lawyers

    Love this movie! Great choice.
  15. financial planning for lawyers

    Fair enough. At 6.5%, straight debt payment is probably the best route.