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  1. I've never heard of anyone living there - I just googled them and they're farrrrrr not just from campus but from the downtown area where all the student events, bars, restaurants, etc. are. Unless you have a car and are willing to drive to class + pay for a parking pass (which I believe is over $1,000 and has a waiting list) and don't mind ubering to downtown whenever you want to have a few drinks with people, then I would recommend against it.
  2. Is law school fun?

    Yeah, it's alright. I'd say it was fun in 1L - you meet all new people, learn a ton, feel way smarter and more accomplished by the end of it, etc. - but now that I'm at the end of 2L it feels more like a grind. Especially if you're going straight from undergrad to law school with no break in between it feels like a lot of schooling with very little exposure to the practical working world.
  3. Elite Extracurriculars

    I had something about the performance of my investment portfolio as well as the fact that I built my own computer. Both were huge topics of conversation throughout my 2L interview process. Echoing what others have said in this thread, though, is that if you're going to put that kind of thing on your resume then you'd better make sure you're able to talk about it. I had a partner at one firm grill me on all the stocks in my portfolio, what I thought of them going forward, general market trends, etc. - it would have been super obvious if I didn't know what I was talking about in that situation. I also think these types of interests are good to put just in the sense that they're probably more unique than a lot of the more common cookie-cutter interests (e.g. hockey) a lot of people will put on their resume.
  4. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Having just gone through the recruitment process as well, I want to echo what Dart and a few others have said. I secured a job at my top choice firm, so I'm not salty about my own situation. But just to chime in and confirm the experiences of a few others here, I personally experienced multiple firms not just bending - but outright breaking - the LSUC rules by trying to pressure a "first choice" out of me (i.e. "we're making you an offer, but only if you tell us at this very moment that you'll 100% accept). I also know of a few close friends who were told straight up that they were going to get an offer at 5pm Wednesday, and monopolized their time all Wednesday, only to leave them out to dry once 5pm rolled around. It definitely made me a little bit more cynical about the whole process. Before I went through it I thought it was ridiculous to advise people to say first choice to more than one firm - and I still think there's consequences to saying it and then rejecting an offer from a firm... but in the long run, I think the alternative of not saying it and being left out to dry could be worse. I guess my point is that I was surprised at how many firms completely disregarded the LSUC rules - obviously my own sample size is small, but take it for what you will.
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Some firms already have - e.g. Davies, Wildeboer.
  6. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Welp, this three days were even more stressful and exhausting than everyone had told me to prepare for. I managed to receive an offer from my top choice and I'm absolutely thrilled about it. After going through the process I realize how big of a factor luck and being able to "play the game" and send the right signals is. I had another firm essentially give me an offer this morning, but only on the condition that I told them they were my first choice. I told them just about everything but - and lo and behold, 5:00pm rolls around with no offer from them. I know this kind of thing happened to a few other people where they seemed to have an offer locked down and ended up with nothing. It's a stressful process and I wish everyone the best going forward.
  7. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Some people at Queen's have.
  8. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I received responses (both ITCs and rejections) from quite a few firms in the 1-2 days following Queen's OCI. Some firms seem to not contact you until much later in October once they've done OCIs at all the schools.
  9. 2018 2L Recruitment

    A bunch of firms have sent out ITCs today - Blakes, Osler, McMillan to name a few (for Queen's at least)
  10. 2018 2L Recruitment

    OCI Fasken, Davies (Queen's)
  11. Where to Live

    I was looking for a 1 bedroom as well and those prices are pretty accurate from what I saw. Anywhere within a 15 minute walk to campus that isn't absolutely terrible is $1k or more. You may be able to find a little cheaper if you look north of Princess by a block or two - not far enough north to be in the slums (lol), but a little farther out than most students live.
  12. 3L Dean's List, Pt 2

    I was notified about 1L dean's list today - made it with a 3.66 in case anyone is wondering about the cutoff.
  13. Thank you for all the great advice everyone! I'm actually just a lowly 1L who won't be at a firm this summer, but I'm thinking ahead to next summer when I will hopefully have a Bay St. gig locked down. The reason for my question then has to do with living arrangements while summering - is it common for most students to sublet a place in Toronto for the summer? I live in the GTA but it would be about an hour or more each way to commute downtown, so I would think it's recommended to just try to find a place downtown for the summer instead?
  14. Specifically at the Bay St. firms. Would it be around the same as an articling student/junior associate?
  15. Any insight into PATRY apartments?

    I'm a 1L who currently lives at the 655 Princess building - I thought it was too good to be true at first, but honestly my experience here has been great. Fantastic units and amenities, social events each month where Patry provides free food, beer, etc. There's always staff at the front desk during the day and they're generally pretty helpful. The building is realistically a 15-20 minute walk to campus, closer to 15 to get to the law building itself. There's also a ton of other law students who live in the building too. Honestly I really like the building and my unit - I pay the same here as I was paying for a shitty run down student apartment in undergrad in Montreal, and the place here is miles better in quality and amenities. Really the only downside is that the location is kind of far from groceries - I have to either get a ride with friends or uber, as Loblaws is like 20+ minute walk (Metro is a little closer but still not ideal). If you have a car then this obviously won't be a problem though. There's a timmies and subway nearby and a Don Cherry's across the street, but besides that there's not much in the way of food places nearby either. Overall I'd recommend the place and haven't found it sketchy at all.