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  1. http://lawstudents.ca/forums/followed/ Go to this page, select all on each page of content you follow, and delete the notification. The software doesn't have a setting for "delete all on every page", so if you have a ton of pages it's sort of annoying to go through, but I checked with the developers and as of right now that's the only way.
  2. Image embedding was specifically disabled during a period where we got hit with porn spam bots. Given the nature of the community, there hasn’t really been a pent up demand to allow image embeds after it was disabled, and they do slow things down on mobile a bit when people go nuts with animated gifs and the like. If there’s a demand to allow image embeds again we probably could look at that.
  3. Feedback Request

    I thought this might be useful, along with a tag system so people can append the tags of the schools they are applying to, which would allow others to search for similar chances threads for those specific schools. EDIT: I suppose I could have tags that change on an annual basis, so the tags would be as an example "UofT-18" / "Osgoode18" and that would make it clear.
  4. Feedback Request

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've solicited feedback from newer members on thoughts on improving the forum (which is the purpose of this topic). Mostly I'm curious to hear your views on the following: 1) Sign-up process - was it easy? Were you dissuaded for a period of time in registering before deciding to go ahead? If so, why? Do you think it could be improved or were you generally OK with it? 2) Forum structure - was it clear where to ask your question? Was it easy to search for information you were looking for? Any other comments on the structure (i.e. do you think a specific subforum for chances threads would be useful?) 3) Forum Descriptions - do you think it would be helpful to add small descriptions under each forum to identify the sorts of topics that should be posted under each? Feel free to reply here or send me a PM if you want to share feedback privately. As always, constructive criticism is welcomed, but a reminder that right now I'm mostly interested in the above and it would be appreciated if we could avoid side tracks into the nature of internet debating or your specific problems with other users. The idea here is to figure out structurally what could use improving and then try to get some things implemented! Thanks in advance!
  5. Works for me on PC. Which OS/which version of chrome?
  6. Everyone's answers were perfectly acceptable. You're being weird about it. Calm down.
  7. Should I cancel my second Lsat score?

    Do schools really not average your LSATs anymore? I'm pretty sure some still do, no?
  8. We're back.

    So this is actually editable. I went with the default. We could technically use anything! Any ideas? A little gavel for likes? A breathalyzer for implying the poster is drunk and rambling? Maybe just one emoticon, a beer. Everyone gets a beer.
  9. Employer & Employee liabilities

    This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  10. We're back.

    This should be fixed now. Go here: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/settings/devices/ and it will let you review your logged in devices.
  11. We're back.

    Nothing changed relating to logins, but I'll look into why that might be happening. Please clear cache/cookies.
  12. Prime plus 0%

    I guess it's been long enough that the Scotiabank internal memo to staff about not going to forums promoting yourself as an agent by pretending to be a different poster who has used said agent's services no longer gets passed around? Anyway Saif, nice of you to join us here, but as we've mentioned in the past, it's always a smart idea if you are trying to shamelessly self promote your services through deception to maybe not post from a Scotiabank IP address and sign up using an email address with your name in it. I'm glad other people have found your services helpful and the information regarding the payment plan is appreciated, but the deceptive self advertising is against the rules here.
  13. We're back.

  14. Never underestimate your internet popularity like that. It's plausible!