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  1. Clear browser cache and cookies. Also check to see what your setting is and try to switch it or reset there as well.
  2. yeah I see that. Will add it to the fix list.
  3. The editor is like 10000% better.
  4. Here, I'll give it back. I am a generous admin.
  5. It took an extra 40 minutes of my life to go rescue that emoji from a backup because I realized it hadn't made the transition and it's the first custom emoji I ever added to this place. Thank you for recognizing my hard work.
  6. Got a coat of paint. Some cool new stuff. My favourite is that now you can use 2FA with google authenticator. There's some background processing that will take a few days to complete so search will be broken for a bit. Sorry. Otherwise, if you find anything broken or that doesn't make sense, let me know.
  7. I suppose it's time to bump this. Read. Follow. It isn't hard.
  8. It's an A/B test where there is no B.
  9. April Fools jokes shall henceforth be required to be run by the mods before you post them. Telling anyone else that we are forcing this censorship upon you shall result in your immediate banning from the Internet.
  10. Please send me the details if it happens again. Likely a false positive or a rogue Adsense ad, but will check for you.
  11. Can you PM me the details from your virus scanner? Is it the browser saying something?
  12. If yours is missing, you aren't crazy. Had a small amount of data loss on the avatar folder while doing some maintenance (long and boring story, but entirely my own fault). Sorry about that. Think of it as an incentive to make some 2016 changes.
  13. All good. We'll leave this topic here for reference.
  14. Well, consider it semi not secret the official rules will stay the rules only because, as you can appreciate, our preference is that people stick to posting only things that they would be entirely fine having associated back to their identity in real life. We can't guarantee any sort of anonymity, and everyone is wise to the fact that you should be prepared to have anything you've ever posted to the Internet come back attributed to you and you need to be prepared to be answerable to it. Being forced to stick to one identity here tends to self police people wanting to post obnoxious trash, which is typically what happens when people run multiple sock puppet accounts (and we have the data to back that up). All of that said, we also understand this is a long standing community, there are people who do know each other in the real world, and sometimes there are extremely good reasons to want to help out or post something which is just easier (or only possible) to do if you can keep it somewhat away from your known identity. That's where the flexibility and reasonableness comes into play. Mods have offered to post things anonymously for people before too, which happens from time to time. As I mentioned I'd almost always just message a mod with an explanation and provided it's not malicious or that the reason seems to be abusing the spirit of why we'd let this go, we usually will be fine with it. If there is a specific case you want revisited please mod message and it can be chatted about.