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  1. I would ditch your car, use the savings to increase your rent budget and find a place near St Clair West or Eglinton West stations.
  2. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    Other careless mistakes to avoid: - Sloppy/wonky formatting (eg. changing font size halfway through the document; misaligned paragraphs) - Putting the wrong client or matter name on your document - Putting the wrong file number on your document None of these are fatal but they are entirely avoidable.
  3. Does # of articling students matter?

    I articled with a small number of other students and found their support to be invaluable. I wouldn’t want to be the only student in a firm.
  4. Anywhere from $50-$75k. Sure it’s possible, but there is a lot that can go wrong with solicitor work (I think real estate and estates are numbers 1-2 for Law Pro claims?).
  5. We're Starting Articles Soon. Give us advice!

    When I articled I was regularly home by 8pm. I was not at a big firm and I lived quite close to the office. This is probably a good thing to speak to current articling students at your firm about.
  6. My biggest fear: not hired back

    Head of specialty practice group at your big firm is very impressed with your work and interest in the practice area, but can’t hire a first year associate in your year for whatever reason. Head of specialty practice group at other big law firm needs a first year associate, but none of its articling students are interested in that area, or aren’t hired back for whatever reason. Head of specialty practice group at your firm hears that the other firm is looking and puts in a good word for you. You receive a call from head of specialty practice group at your firm telling you there may be a lead and to submit your resume. aka how people get jobs in literally every other industry.
  7. There is a very low vacancy rate in Toronto and tenants have to give 60 days’ notice to move out, so most landlords do not know whether there is availability until 2 months before. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a move in date further out if the landlord is intending to do renovations. As a general life rule it is always better to live within walking or biking distance of school or work, but the TTC gets me to work pretty reliably every day.
  8. 2L Summer Employment Dilemma

    Why would you be willing to work for free when you already have an articling job lined up (correct me if I misread)? Cut your losses, find a paying non-law job and make some money this summer.
  9. Billable, billed, receipted hours?

    My current firm’s target is based on docketed hours. My previous firm’s was based on billed. The former seems much more fair to young associates who are learning and likely to take longer on tasks, and who are at the billing partner’s mercy.
  10. I was able to make lump sum repayments of any amount on my Scotia PSLOC.
  11. Negotiating Articling Salary

    You think articling students don’t have family and friends who are getting divorced, buying a home, dealing with a family member’s estate, going through a business dispute, starting up their own business etc. etc.?
  12. Kingston is compact. Downtown is 15 minute walk from campus and most Queen’s students live walking distance from both. London is sprawling. Students either live downtown and take the bus/drive to campus, or live near campus and cab/bus/drive to downtown. Kingston is a better university town than London.
  13. Articling hireback

    May is pretty typical for Ontario articling students who finish articling in early June.
  14. 90k in house v 110k at firm

    Most people would need to work more than 50 hours a week to docket 1800 hours a year.
  15. Firm Perks

    At my firm summer and articling students have desktop computers in their offices (with remote access) and are reimbursed for a portion of their cell phone bill (with the expectation that they set up their personal phones to receive work emails). I imagine every firm will be different. I had friends who were given work phones as students.