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  1. If you received an ITC email but no call after 8:45 am?

    Does the same rule apply to Gov? I got an ITC from PPSC and am still waiting for a call Edit: Received the Call
  2. PFOs - Toronto 2017

    Bennett Jones - Western
  3. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Anyone hear from Chaitons?
  4. What are in-firm interviews like?

    When you say a lot how many are you talking about roughly?
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Has anyone heard from the PPSC?
  6. 2018 2L Recruitment

    When did Windsor have their OCIs? Edit: October 10th nevermind!!; Anyone at any other schools get ITC from Dickinson Wright?
  7. White Collar Criminal Lawyer

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a 1L in law and may be interested in practicing in white collar criminal law. Does anyone here have any experience in this practice area? More specifically I'm wondering how difficult it is to get into this area in terms of employment prospects, and what courses I would need to take?
  8. Ask a 1L student

    Inside the course on OWL, on the right hand side, click on gradebook
  9. Ask a 1L student

    They'll be available for pick up starting September 1st in the law building! We should be getting more specific email about it sometime next week!
  10. Letter of Recommendation Question

    The type and amount of LOR you need will depend on the school you're applying to. For example, Ontario schools require two through OUAC while UBC requires none (unless you're applying through the access category). You don't need to give your professor a template but let them know that you will be applying to law school and want a LOR from them (and I would advise letting them know sooner than later). They'll know what to put into it. If it's a professor that you don't know as well you could provide some assignments that you did well in in their class or a transcript.
  11. Ask a 1L student

    What are the typical internet providers people go with in London? Rogers seems to be a bit pricey (especially for one person)
  12. Scotiabank PSLOC

    When I talked to the rep, the same was true for me
  13. Accepted 2016

    Would someone mind posting the instructions on how to pay the deposit? I've seem to have misplaced the sheet that says how to do so from my acceptance package
  14. Rejected 2016

    Also rejected a while ago cGPA: 3.51 LSAT: 170
  15. Accepted 2016

    Also turned down my offer, good luck!