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  1. Anyone applied to LSAP?

    That was cGPA, I ended up getting into western and Queens. I accepted before I heard back from Osgoode
  2. To add on to that, I did my undergrad at Queens and am at Western now and very happy with my decision. London feels like an actual city and there is so much more to do. I will admit however, that I miss being near the lake in Kingston. I'm not sure how the clinics at Queen's work but at Western, you can apply to be a case worker in 1L. Even if you don't get selected to be a case worker you take a course that allows you to work at the clinic for a semester, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved if you want. The only thing I would say about Western is that the exchange options seem a bit limited compared to Queen's (from what I remember when I was checking Queen's out a few years ago). Another thing I enjoy about Western is the small class size but from what I understand, Queen's class is relatively small as well.
  3. Anyone applied to LSAP?

    When I applied a few years ago, I had a slightly lower GPA (3.47) and a slightly higher LSAT (170) and was rejected
  4. Quitting 2L Offer

    Something to consider is that you're only going to be at the firm for a few months. Like others have said, I don't think a difference in compensation for that short period of time is worth putting your reputation in the legal community at risk.
  5. In addition, if you have some connections with lawyers, you could always ask for a coffee-chat to discuss their practice.
  6. Opinions on part-time jobs in 3L

    I don't see a reason not to if you can manage it. I'm currently in 2L and am working part time. Personally, I wouldn't know what to do with my free time if I didn't have a part time job. In terms of what jobs to look out for, I usually look for jobs available on campus/student-friendly jobs. I find those jobs are more understanding and flexible during exams or if you're busy a certain week with school.
  7. any thoughts on Windsor vs Victoria?

    You should go to school where you want to work. Presumably, if you want to work somewhere in Ontario, it would be best to go to Windsor rather than UVic, otherwise, it may be more difficult to network and interview/find out about future positions.
  8. Exchange versus taking more "relevant" courses

    I’m not sure about my firm, but I’ve heard some firms do
  9. Hi everyone, Exchange applications are due soon at my school and I'm trying to figure out what I should do. During the fall semester, I took several criminal law courses with the intent in pursuing a career in criminal law. However, my interests shifted by the time OCIs rolled around, which I was then fortunate enough to secure a 2L position at a full service firm. At this point, the only corporate course I've taken is corporate law in 1L. Due to my school's selection of courses, I likely won't be able to take any corporate-related courses in winter term. So my question is, should I go on exchange? On the one hand, I am very interested in doing an exchange in 3L. On the other, I'm concerned I will be at a disadvantage (in terms of knowledge) by taking fewer corporate-related courses. Furthermore, I'm not sure if it will affect how the firm perceives me if my transcript shows that I have only taken 1 corporate course and the rest being criminal (although one of those courses is evidence, which is useful in civil litigation). If I do go on exchange, I will have 2 electives in 3L which I plan to use to take income tax and some other corporate course ( trusts, bankruptcy, employment, securities, and M&A). If I decide not to go on exchange, it will leave me with a 6 electives.
  10. Thanks for all the help guys, I'll definitely look into any summer residences or if there are cheaper residences downtown. You guys brought up a good point about being reliable and available when needed and I think it might be worth risking the short-term financial sacrifice.
  11. Its the Stouffville line so it runs pretty regularly, (about half an hour), how often did you find yourself working late nights as a student? Also could you comment on how often you were faced with delays on the go train?
  12. Yes! Thank you for the reminder, I have edited that in my original post!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm going to be working downtown this summer and I was looking at commuting rather than living downtown (as rent is be quite expensive). For those of you that commute, how bad is it? If I were to commute, I'm looking at a 45-60 minute ride on the GO train (being 10 minutes away from the GO train station myself).I've heard 2L summer positions often have unpredictable hours, is it worth it to just bear the costs and get a place downtown instead? Side note: For those of you that have commuted, did you notice any negative effects on your work performance/ability because of the longer commute? Edit: I will be commuting from Markham to Toronto (I believe that is the Stouffville line)
  14. Ask a 1L student

    I took it in 1L and it never came up during OCIs. Also, keep in mind that by the time you start your 2L summer, you would've taken corporate and ethics, so it wouldn't really matter which one you took first.
  15. TWU and the SCC

    Law student observing for the first time, are there still going to be more submissions today? What is the process like/how long does it take for the SCC to make their decision generally?