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  1. Document Assembly/Automation

    At my old firm, we used FileMakerPro, and that was fantastic because you could essentially just pick from drop-down options to build your document. At my current firm we use PracticeMaster, which auto-fills parts of new documents for you based on your firm's template.
  2. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    Try batch cooking on Sunday, and freezing your lunches for the week. It's about the same amount of work to cook a large batch of food as a small batch.
  3. A number of you have asked about first year associate salary arrangements. So I thought I'd compile a list of salaries from first year associate interviews that I've been to over the past few months. Here it is: Salaries $40,000 + benefits. Small debt collection firm in Surrey. Strictly 9-5, Mondays to Fridays. $50,000 + bonus on top of any billables over $100k. Small full service firm in Vancouver. $50,000 + benefits + discretionary bonus at year end based on billables, hours worked, and being a team player. Expected to bill 1500 hours/year. Small family boutique in Vancouver. $50,000. Legal aid practice with low profit margin, so no opportunity for raises the first 21 months of work. However, lots of court experience. Small civil litigation & criminal defense firm in Surrey. $60,000. Long hours and weekend work expected. Small family firm in Surrey. $65,000. Small civil litigation firm in Victoria. $68,000. Small full-service firm in Port Coquitlam. $72,000. Mid-sized civil litigation and criminal defense firm in Surrey. Fee-Split Arrangements 50% to firm, 50% to you. Small full-service firm in Burnaby. Wants a Mandarin speaker. Will provide some clients to you, but on your own for the rest. 65% to firm and 35% to you on clients the firm provides you, 55% to firm and 45% to you on clients you obtain yourself. Mid-sized firm in Vancouver. The firm provides you with minimal work. Solo Practice (Not my own experience, but shared with me) Negative. This individual ran afoul of some trust accounting/tax rules, and had the CRA and Law Society come after her. May be wise to consult a professional about trust accounting and tax if going solo. $60,000. This individual is very entrepreneurial. He said that he made less than $5,000 during his first six months, but that business really picked up after that. Hopefully this is helpful to someone! I just landed a job at my dream firm and signed a two year contract with them, so I won't be interviewing anytime soon. If anyone is looking for an articling or associate's position in the Greater Vancouver area, please PM me as I have a number of leads
  4. Congratulations!!!!!! This is very well-deserved
  5. We're back.

    I just noticed on the new site that you can no longer add friends! So instead I started following people like a stalker.
  6. Drinking water in the courtroom

    No one really cares. Court is a gong show as it is, and the clerks and judges are run off their feet. I echo Diplock's advice - be subtle about it, and it should be fine.
  7. We're back.

    I love the new layout! It looks streamlined and beautiful. Thanks to all the mods for their hard work!

    Congratulations!!!! That must be an amazing feeling
  9. Divorcemate Alternatives?

    This is exactly what we do at my articling firm.
  10. what do you hate about your job right now?

    That situation sounds terrible! I'm glad I don't have to deal with juries in my line of work.... I practice a lot of family law, and self-represented litigants on the other side can be pretty terrible. The self-rep can be as rude/ill-tempered/unhelpful/obstructionist/hostile as they want, and you have to be continuously polite to them. Also, a lot of self-reps think that reporting you to the Law Society can give them some sort of advantage, which is one reason why family lawyers have the highest reporting rates to the Law Society.
  11. Placement rates, class of 2017

    Typed out the stats onto a Google Doc. Here are the UBC Articling Statistics for the Class of 2016: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1furv7_gSZzKHtyx498AGnvxJ7jY_VQ8ujsxOurdNQXs/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Placement rates, class of 2017

    Don't think this has been previously contributed. Here are the UBC articling stats for the Class of 2016 as of February 28, 2017: file:///C:/Users/Lisa/Downloads/Class_of_2016_-_February_28_2017_-_FINAL%20(1).pdf
  13. LSUC relationship advice

    Your hard-earned licensing fees at work.
  14. This is extremely rare right after articling (at least in my personal experience). I have not seen it happen right after articling in my circle of friends and acquaintances. There seems to be a glut of new calls around trying to email/cold call firms. However, I think it gets easier with more experience. I know 2 guys who landed jobs at ICBC after a few years of working (3 and 4 years respectively), and another guy who received an offer from Clark Wilson after becoming a 4 year call. I've heard anecdotally that 2+ years seems to be the magic number at which you become more desirable to firms. Not sure if this is true. I'm looking forward to hearing from other ls.ca members on the subject.
  15. Saw this recently! https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/lgl/6035828813.html