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  1. Criminal Code Offences in Canada

    You can search specific section in the Criminal Code in Westlaw and click the "Citing References" tab to see when it was cited. However, you need a subscription for Westlaw to do this (unclear if OP is a law student) and Westlaw does not have every case that was decided. Appeals for some (all?) criminal cases often (always?) reference the Criminal Code relevant at the trial level decision. Depending on what your research is, you may or may not want to omit these results.
  2. Grade 11-12 Marks

    I think that point (Ivey being the best in Canada for undergrad business) is contested. To answer OP's question: Law schools don't look at high school marks when you apply. For the most part, you need to do well (better than most people) in university to get into law school.
  3. Predict-O-Matic For Ontario Law Schools

    The distinction is just my opinion. Queen's seems to like a higher and consistent cGPA, Western seems to like a strong LSAT (159 is not particularly strong, an extra point or two would probably get you in later in the cycle), and Osgoode seems to like a combination of the two with extra emphasis on ECs (completely my own speculation). I know a few people at Osgoode with similar stats but a lower L2 or slightly higher cGPA, but I know a bunch of others that were rejected with the same or higher stats. It probably came down to their ECs and personal statement.
  4. Predict-O-Matic For Ontario Law Schools

    In at Queen's, borderline at Western (probably out), and borderine at Osgoode (depends on your ECs)
  5. Some schools might start reviewing your file, but I don't think I've seen any posters report schools rejecting in December. Usually there aren't many acceptances that go out in December and these tend to be very competitive applicants. I've seen a few posts in the accepted threads where applicants were accepted before their Feb. rewrite. Are you rewriting a 170? I noticed in an earlier post that you had a bad year due to an F. Some schools (I think all of the ones you've mentioned, not sure as I didn't apply to any of them) drop some of your worst courses.
  6. Doing well at the OCI

    Some golden advice under #4: "... look clam and try to tie what you’ve talked about on your CV into the conversation."
  7. "Ask a current student" [retitled]

    No, mine arrived last week and it came with Yosemite.
  8. "Ask a current student" [retitled]

    Examsoft does not support El Capitan (next update, I think its in beta) on Mac (http://support.examsoft.com/link/portal/15157/15194/Article/171/Mac-Requirements). I can't seem to find anything about when it'll be supported. Examsoft also doesn't support Windows 10 yet, but the specifications site says that it will in September.
  9. Debating Upgrading Marks

    What schools are you looking to apply to? I don't think I've heard of any law school disregarding the old mark and just taking the new upgraded mark. Law schools will look at both marks (old and new). I think some law schools will also consider courses you did after your degree differently. What do your best 2 and last 2 years look like? Assuming you've taken a full course load the last 4 years and you intend on taking a full year of courses, the highest possible CGPA you can get is around a 3.28. But thats assuming you get a perfect 4.0. Realistically, you probably only be able to end up upgrading your GPA to a 3.2. People have gotten in with a 3.2 to several schools, but they tend to have strong L2s and a high LSAT score. This link will probably be useful, it outlines how different law schools look at your marks: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/38822-gpa-admissions-guide-to-english-common-law-canadian-law-schools/
  10. "Ask a current student" [retitled]

    Can confirm, the closest ATMs are in Mac-Cory (building behind the law building), Goodes Hall (across the law building), and in the JDUC.
  11. ISP in Kingston

    I did my undergrad at Queens (going into 1L this September). I was with Teksavvy for 3 years during my undergrad and have no complaints. Internet speeds are really consistent. I had the 15mb/s plan and I don't think it ever dropped down lower than 13mb/s (according to Speedtest). The only gripe I have is that having it set up cost a bit more than other companies because they require you to buy a modem. If you're using their DSL service, there's a modem you can buy from Canada Computers for $30 that is compatible with their network, as opposed to their $80 modem. However, it is cheaper month to month than most (or all) other ISPs in Kingston. I think there's also a summer saving promotion going on until the end of this month.
  12. GOV and Bank Loans

    I applied to the nearest branch (in GTA).
  13. Out on Bay Street Moot Partner

    I'm debating on whether or not I'll have time to go to this conference. I literally have no idea because I'm going into 1L. I just wanted to post that I think they missed a golden opportunity to name it "Gay on Bay".
  14. "Ask a current student" [retitled]

    Does the Faculty of Law have its own leather jackets? I read in a previous post that they stopped doing them for a few years and then brought them back(?).
  15. Incoming 1Ls - Anyone got your classes yet?

    Mine isn't up either. It should show up exactly where that message is when it is up though.