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  1. Schools good for health law?

    Dalhousie and UofA both have great reputations for Health Law. I'm sure there are other schools with reputable scholarship and decent course selection . Course selction will differ between schools. Does it matter much where you go if you want to practise Health Law? I would be cautious of attending the law schools born within the last 10 years (do they have course selection and professors respected in the area??) Otherwise, it might not matter.
  2. Salary in Edmonton

    I believe a competitive articling salary is around 50k with Law Society and CPLED fees covered, and a competitive salary as a first-year call is around 75k with law society fees and insurance covered. I have no idea what average would be, given that some students and first-year calls might take very low paying positions out of desperation. Also, some associates aren't compensated by a salary at all (eg "eat what you kill").
  3. Do not live in a student residence during law school! I did in 1L at Dal. It was a horrific experience in so many ways. Some particularly memorable ones were the douche-bag 18-year olds thinking it would be hilarious to pull the fire alarm at 3 AM (this happened once or twice a semester) ... then there was the guy next to me who had a subwoofer going in his room ... also, the expensive mandatory meal plans ... and the guy who smoked a joint in the shared bathroom ... and the vomit all over the floors and bathrooms. Please PM me for more if you actually think living in an undergrad residence is a good idea.
  4. Alberta Vs. Dalhousie

    I think 10 or so did when I went to Dal.
  5. JD/MLIS

    All of your questions can be best answered by a search of information on the website and an email to admissions officers. Maybe ask for the contact information for some recent graduates and ask them how they have used their credentials. I think the program is 4 years long. I tend to question the value of the MLIS if you practise law and the value of a JD if you are not practising law. Does someone even need a JD to be a law librarian?
  6. TRU vs SASK

    The consensus among law school graduates is that proximity and cost should be the determinative factors (in that order) when picking a law school. I highly regret going to Dal over a cheaper school closer to my target job market. PM me if you want more details.
  7. TRU vs SASK

    I think Saskatchewan is a no-brainer.
  8. Queen's v.s. Dal

    I think the two schools are comparable when it comes to all the factors you listed. I doubt that Dal can provide you with anything Queen's cannot, so I would pick Queen's if I were you because it is closer to where you are from and where I presume that you want to practise.
  9. Short answer: no. However, UBC's conversion of grades on a 4.0 scale to its percentage system tends to prejudice applicants with marks from schools using a 4.0 system. And some law schools have lower admissions standards for students with some kind of in-province connection (e.g., Saskatchewan, UNB and Dal).
  10. A Change of Heart? Check this out

    I agree with the overall message of Diplock's post, but I'm not so optimistic about an applicant with a 3.4 and a 155 who doesn't qualify as a mature student at many (most?) schools. Accordingly, my advice to the OP would be to prepare to perform better on the LSAT, in addition to applying broadly.
  11. Class size

    Weird. It was 175 three years ago.
  12. Legal Aid Alberta - Roster Lawyer (Calgary)

    I don't know about the previous-experience requirements for lawyers applying to be on the roster, but I'm on the Alberta Legal Aid roster as an articling student. I would check the Legal Aid website for details. And I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Tariff: http://www.legalaid.ab.ca/roster/Documents/Tariff%20-%20December%204,%202014.pdf Realistically, you are going to have to do Legal Aid certificates (pretty much) exclusively as lawyer starting a practice in Criminal Defence. You need to build a reputation and get some referrals to get some private-retainer clients. No, doing Legal Aid files exclusively is not a viable practice model (unless perhaps you are operating out of your residence and your mom or significant other is taking calls while you're in court). For how much Legal Aid pays, you are going to be pumping an inordinate amount of time into each file so you don't embarrass yourself in court. You are going to starve if you try to live off Legal Aid alone.
  13. Chemical sensitivity while articling

    Medical issue, although not as severe symptoms as some people have. Thanks, I will consult my doctor about this.
  14. I'm looking for advice on the most professional way of getting a no-scent policy implemented in my workplace. I'm currently finishing my second month of articling. I work in an office that has 8 staff total (2 lawyers and 5 support staff). I'm very reluctant to come across as telling people who have been here for a long time that they are no longer allowed to wear perfume/ cologne to work. There is only one person (not one of the lawyers) who wears perfume/ cologne in the office. It has been a huge irritant to me, to the point that I avoid him/ her and dread when he/she comes anywhere near my office. Talking to my principal about it, of course, is the obvious answer. I'm just looking for advice on how to address this problem tactfully and without making it look like I am targeting the one person who wears perfume/ cologne.
  15. For admission: no. For scholarships/bursaries: look into it. Ask admissions.