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  1. https://bcpublicservice.ats.hrsmart.com/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi?jobid=41267 DESCRIPTION OF POSITION Reporting to the Chief Justice and the Associate Chief Justice with respect to matters of law and legal work and to the Executive Director & Senior Counsel (Executive Director) in respect of matters of employment, the Legal Counsel acts as both legal advisor to and representative of the Chief Justice and Associate Chief Justice, and as in-house counsel for the Court’s judges, masters, registrars and judicial administration staff. Legal Counsel provides legal opinions and background information necessary for policy planning and administration of the Court, its internal committees and its programs. The Legal Counsel is responsible for overseeing the Law Clerk Program in conjunction with the Court of Appeal Legal Counsel --- Looks like the legal counsel 1 position is part time rather than full time.
  2. I used e-convey which I think was bought by dye and durham recently. Edit It was an online website thingy and it was pretty easy to learn and use. The online bit of it, now that I think about it, may cause some issues with client confidentiality if all your work is floating on someones servers somewhere.
  3. An MPA/MPP would be more useful for policy work. Can also be done part time / distance too.
  4. Honestly though, I would not recommend getting a research based LLM unless you wanted to get a doctorate. And if you do want to get a doctorate I would go somewhere that either lets you jump straight into an SJD or allows you to convert your LLM into an SJD. It's a dead degree, everyone hiring nowadays wants to see a doctorate.
  5. I did a JD -> LLM -> Clerkship -> policy. Nearly all of the people in my LLM cohort had a couple of years of practice under their belt, many had 10 + and were using education leave from government jobs to get an LLM. A couple of people I clerked with were doing course based LLMs in tax while clerking / just prior to clerking. They went on to private practice just fine.
  6. I don't remember this being an issue back in the day, it may have been distributed as a word document. Edit: My kid was 6 months old at the time and I was also working on my masters thesis. It can't have been an issue or I would remember freaking out about it. Sounds like LSUC has screwed the new articling students again. Do they still make you pay full price for the unprinted version of the course materials?
  7. Two categories of jobs being advertised for either Vancouver or Victoria. https://bcpublicservice.ats.hrsmart.com/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi?jobid=40906 Reporting to the Managing Director, Policy and Oversight, this position supports policy analysis in the development, implementation and evaluation of new regulations and policies that govern the real estate industry in BC. It contributes policy development expertise to the complex project of interpreting and implementing the recommendations from the Report of the Independent Advisory Group on conduct and practices in the real estate industry in BC, and establishing the authorities of the Superintendent of Real Estate. The Manager consults with and educates the real estate industry (including real estate licensees, brokers, strata developers, Real Estate Boards, Real Estate Council, BC Real Estate Association, etc.) and the public on the interpretation of the regulations and policy. The Manager, Policy and Oversights conducts policy and legislative reviews, makes recommendations on policy issues and responds to inquiries on policy concerning real estate licensing and marketing. It assists in briefing the Managing Director and OSRE executive both verbally and through the preparation of briefing notes, issue papers and discussion papers, as required. The position is also responsible for preparing responses to correspondence and ongoing monitoring of real estate regulation and policy issues. https://bcpublicservice.ats.hrsmart.com/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi?jobid=40903 Reporting to the Managing Director, Policy and Oversight, the Senior Manager, Policy and Oversight provides expertise and policy analysis in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Superintendent’s Rules that govern real estate licensee conduct. It deploys best practices in the development and implementation of the Superintendent’s reporting requirements of the Real Estate Council, analysis of that reporting, and the development of briefings and recommendations to assist the Superintendent’s exercise of its oversight accountabilities. The Senior Manager manages the multi-year project of interpreting and implementing the recommendations from the Report of the Independent Advisory Group on conduct and practices in the real estate industry in BC, and on an ongoing basis, identifies industry risks and develops regulatory intervention strategies to prevent harm to consumers.Through the Managing Director, this position is responsible for providing independent analysis, research, advice and recommendations on complex issues, anticipating and identifying significant issues, establishing their scope and determining the need for direction from the Superintendent of Real Estate..
  8. My experience with BC government hiring is that start dates can be negotiated within reason. I would take the May start date with a grain of salt as well. The application period does not close until May 4th. Then you've got sorting, interviews, tests, reference checks, criminal record checks, internal paperwork, yadda, yadda, yadda. Could take 2 or 3 weeks to finish the hiring process and get a paper offer out.
  9. https://search.employment.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi?jobid=40334 The Ministry of Finance would like to engage a policy intern for the period May 2017 to April 2019. The intention would be to expose the intern to a variety of policy work in both the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Division and the Policy and Legislation Division over the course of three rotationsThe Policy Analyst Internship Program has been developed to address current and future skill-gaps in the area of public policy analysis and development in the Ministry of Finance and the BC Public Service.The internship is designed to develop public policy analysis and development skills and leadership capacity of recent post-secondary graduates. Through job placements in up to 3 divisions/branches in the ministry, interns will have the opportunity to develop their policy development skills, allowing the incumbents to gain the knowledge, skills and experience that could lead to other, permanent positions in the BC Public Service.
  10. Interesting. I see this: Members 5273 12530 posts LocationNangijala
  11. One issue. The location information seems to be outputting without a space between the word location and the location. For ex, under my profile picture: "LocationNangijala" rather than "Location Nangijala"
  12. Na na na na naaaah na na na na LEADERBOARD! http://lawstudents.ca/forums/leaderboard/
  13. Making FOI files is worse than searching them.
  14. What about pinstripes?