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  1. Lateralling to Another Province

  2. When is clerking most common?

    Part of that might stem from applying once in 2l and not getting in, and lining up an articling job in the mean time and then applying again in 3L and getting in.
  3. When is clerking most common?

    People clerk before articling and after articling (and in some jurisdictions have to clerk and article). It depends on if you get accepted to clerk in 2L or get accepted in 3L. My clerkship year had a mix of people who had already articled and those who hadn't.
  4. LLM from Canadian UNiversities

  5. Yes, and they say that in a couple of places but messed up in the main grid at the top. Perhaps they are hoping for a promotion to full line ministry. "Ministry of Housing - we regulate elevators!"
  6. Come and going

    Sent you a pm.
  7. Also note that they are hiring for a ministry that does not exist... There is no ministry of housing in the bc government.
  8. They re-organized the pay scales for excluded employees since the original job posting so you are likely seeing that and it is more likely that the max salary has increased than decreased. https://search.employment.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi?jobid=45011
  9. See... the fear of being blackballed by Morgans LLP is real.
  10. Also, the Kims use only one law firm for all their legal stuff in international courts. That firm is the most prestigious firm in the world and no one on the forums is going to bad mouth North Korea and risk their shot of getting hired at the most prestigious firm in the world. So you are unlikely to get much help with your research.
  11. You should try posting this in the help me with my home work section of the forum.
  12. BC Crown Counsel 1/2/3

    I don't know how JAG runs their hiring, but if we want to focus on internal hires, we have the option of posting either internally to only the ministry or internally to government.
  13. Why the Bay St Hype?

    I got my days back. I don't make enough money to go on a vacation that involves costs that could be reimbursed. Public sector after all.
  14. Why the Bay St Hype?

    I have had my summer vacation cancelled on me and I work in the public sector. But I think it is uncommon outside of my area for that to happen.