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  1. Aren't the liberals making dueling legal again?
  2. I do some hiring and agree. A law degree "can open doors" in that it can help you meet the qualifications for a position but so can a masters of econ, mpp, mpa, job experience etc...
  3. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    Such a pain in the ass to deal with though. Unless you have a garbage chute (flyboy) or something.
  4. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    The other issue with the delivery services is the amount of plastic / waste that they generate. The freezer packs are the worst.
  5. TWU - The Big Show

    http://www.scc-csc.ca/case-dossier/info/af-ma-eng.aspx?cas=37209 Intervenor factums posted (in addition to ont)
  6. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    I just eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every single day and use dinner / the weekends for variety. Homemade granola and yogurt and a sandwich on whole wheat / ancient grain type bread.
  7. Style of Firm Dinners

    Shitty server. Complain to management.
  8. Style of Firm Dinners

    For any students reading - a quick rule of thumb if you don't know what to do is to wait for the host to pick up a fork / knife and then copy them. Also, generally you work from the outside in (fork / knife closest to the plate is for the main course). Desert stuff tends to be at the top of the plate. // used to buss tables back in the day
  9. School Rankings by Admission Standards?

    Why do you care?
  10. Commuting During Articles (Bay Street)

    It's actually the distance travelled and intensity of exercise that matters, not the mode (biking vs walking). Hopping on a bike for two blocks instead of walking the two blocks isn't going to make a difference.
  11. Commuting During Articles (Bay Street)

    Don't go too far out When I was a kid we lived in Milton because that's what was affordable and on the go line and I only saw my dad on the weekends.
  12. Commuting During Articles (Bay Street)

    I walk about 6 km to work and it is fantastic. I can work through drafts in my head on the way to work. Or daydream. Depending.
  13. Walking or cycling to work

    I keep all my suits and shoes at the office and change there.
  14. TWU - The Big Show

  15. TWU - The Big Show

    We can't even kick out our pastor that doesn't believe in anything the church stands for at all.