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  1. https://search.employment.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi?jobid=48264 If you have a library science degree, this job may be up your alley.
  2. Contracts

    Although that was coors and not shiner bock.
  3. Contracts

    Spoetzl not spoetzel.
  4. LLM Recommendations

    Some universities have an unwritten rule about "encouraging" private sector adjuncts to donate their salary back to the school as well (UBC does this). I don't know how common this is.
  5. LLM Recommendations

    ProfReader will be better positioned to comment but a couple of years ago the hiring situation for profs was way worse than trying to get an articling position.
  6. LLM Recommendations

    Find somewhere that will let you skip straight into an sjd/phd or will count your llm as two years of an sjd.
  7. I spent six months taking the ferry back and forth from victoria to vancouver on the weekends (bus / walk on). It was a pain in the ass. Your friday night is wasted travelling and a significant portion of your sunday is as well. Harbour Air is nice, but pricy. And on foggy days it tends to get delayed or canceled. Your other option is the more expensive helicopter.
  8. Language disadvantage

    https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/internets-favorite-words Mirriam webster seems to lean towards "fine" or "acceptable" over spurious. I guess they are sticking with the in show kayfabe version.
  9. Language disadvantage

    Not an issue with you, it is a made up word from the mid 1990s that I happened to know epeeist would understand. But, now you have embiggened your vocabulary.
  10. Language disadvantage

    Hi, [First Name] is perfectly cromulent if that is the level of formality you are shooting for. It was the people saying "oh you need to omit the comma or everyone will think you are foreign" that I was referring to.
  11. Language disadvantage

    Sounds like a lot of people justifying their lazy e-mail habits.
  12. Language disadvantage

    Considered wrong by who? "Hi Joe" is incorrect. You were in the right.
  13. Firm Perks

    In government you get the lowest bidder ply.
  14. Folks Outside the Law

    We do not have that luxury. At my level it isn't crazy bay street hours 24/7 but you do still have to work a weekend a month or some evenings, cancel vacation plans etc... Senior leadership (exec directors, ADMs, DMs) work executive level hours like anywhere else.
  15. Folks Outside the Law

    Hey, none of us have been convicted, oh land of the gas plants.* * Basi / Virk doesn't count. They were ministerial aides and not in the real public service.