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  1. Investing LOC

    Where are you buying a house that $20,000 will cover down payment and closing costs? And is it a hut in northern Russia? Not to mention that there's no way you'd ever qualify for financing when your down payment is the last bit of room on your student line of credit. However, aside from that, I think investing your LoC is a great idea. Yes, there are risks, but becoming wealthy requires one to take risks.
  2. Transitioning from Gov to Firm

    I would personally take the MAG job. Definitely a resume enhancer and I have found that firms feel much more comfortable hiring a former MAG summer student than poaching a student from another private practice firm.
  3. According to the market research I've come across, BJs pays above-market for students and first years and then pays below market (talking top firms here) thereafter. But that's pretty effective at getting law students to think they're tops in compensation. But, on the other hand, you do get to say you "work for BJs", which I'm pretty sure is every man's dream anyway. And, ladies, you get to say things like "I never really knew where I saw myself at 25, and then I found BJs". Davies pays above-market at all levels, I believe.
  4. 2018 2L Recruitment

    You could just send an email to the recruiter/coordinator/student-chair and let them know you enjoyed the dinner and remain interested. The idea at this point is conveying interest so they know who they're still open to consider. If it was pretty intimate then you could send out a group email or a couple individual ones. Whatever helps you sleep tonight.
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Yeah this is just ridiculous. Tell other students and give this firm and others like it a reputation for poor recruitment practices. Absolutely unacceptable.
  6. 2018 2L Recruitment

    If you pm me the details, I can try to help. Not sure how early I would be able to get back to you though as I'm in and out of interviews and meetings all day.
  7. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I'm sure others will chime in, but that seems a bit onerous. That person is probably trying to meet other candidates to assess the pool overall. Unless it's a really small firm I think you should be trying to meet new people. I'd just go with a general "Can I meet more people". But, if it's a small firm or there's something you particularly want to chat about again, then it would be fine to say "can we meet again" without suggesting an activity. If you're a top candidate I'm sure they'd bend over backward. However, if you're fringe, it could be a bit off-putting.
  8. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Seems like a pretty good group this year. I wish I knew which of you posting here make a trip to my office. Alas, I will likely never know. Good luck!
  9. Articling Docket

    I think you should aim to hit 175 total every month.
  10. Lawyers with accents

    I'm starting to see the basis of your struggles. You brand anyone who gives you real advice as contemptuous and ignore what they say. You only listen to those poor bleeding hearts who feel only sympathy for your self-imposed problem. Look. You write at a level that is more complex than a middle -schooler, but in a really tragic way. Like in how gibberish is more complex than English in that identifying any sort of discernible linguistic pattern is near impossible. If you need to brush up on middle school basics then do so. Walk before you attempt to run. Your stated issue was that you want to ensure that you communicate clearly with the courts. We have pointed out that your writing is not clear. You responded with, essentially, "haterz guuuuun h8". You are unwilling to take criticism on your "British" accent, which, from all of our accounts is not clearer than your "American" accent. You are also unwilling to take criticism from people in your actual life who think you've reached Weirdo Level Over 9,000. While I'm sympathetic to your racial struggles, let's be real, I'm crossing to the other side of the street to ensure my skin won't be worn by someone else - at least not today. I always used to have an issue with people editing my writing. In fact, sometimes I would end up fighting with them. Eventually, I decided I was probably wrong, because it matters much more what others think of my writing than what I think. Same goes for feedback on oral advocacy. So, now I have adopted a strong presumption in favour of my editors' viewpoints - at least when it comes to ensuring clarity - not necessarily in terms of style.
  11. Lawyers with accents

    Ok. I'm going to rewrite this to make it more clear: "Based on my experience, the critical age for learning a new language is X years old. My friends who started learning English before that age sound like native speakers, while my friends who started learning English after that age speak with accents. In addition, I have a disability that prevents me from pronouncing certain syllables. I am therefore prevented from speaking any language with clarity, but particularly English." You made several errors in what I quoted and it was entirely unclear. Most significant is comparing "those with native level proficiency" to "those who are not". Why IS one group "native level proficiency", while the other HAS "native level proficiency"?
  12. Lawyers with accents

    Ok I'll lend my opinion as well. Also a practising lawyer. I preferred your "American" accent to your "British" one. I'm not sure who understands your British one better because it's absolute shit and less understandable. And I really do have a lot of experience with the accent given I have heaps of family who either live in England or immigrated to Canada from there. Also, EVEN IF you ever did nail the British accent (which would also help with the ladies since it's undeniably sexy), once anyone finds out that you aren't actually from Britain they're going to think you're a weirdo and run away immediately for fear of being locked away in your rape dungeon and turned into a human centipede with your other victims. You're coming across as a real weirdo on here and, while this may be accepted to a certain extent in criminal law, it's going to make life in Canada, and especially social life, very difficult for you. And, I mean, not to beat a dead horse, but your writing is really actually truly quite poor. And now I feel super bad about telling an articling student his writing was terrible last week, because you are making him look like J K Fucking Rowling (best writer of our generation, no?). One last (more constructive) point. Racism is shit. You're going to have to deal with it. But, while not immune from racism, the legal community, in general, will band together to do whatever we can to help you when you aren't properly being understood due to factors outside of your control. We'll have your back, accent or not. And, as the profession becomes more diverse, you'll have even less to worry about. Stay true to yourself. You're a beautiful snowflake already.
  13. Interview Call Day

    Yeah, what providence said. Say that you're very interested in their practice and that you'd love to return to meet more people. If you can't get it in at the end of the interview then call their recruitment contact person right after. If you can't get through by phone then leave a message and follow up with an email. Assuming you have some ground to cover, you have to be sort of aggressive.
  14. Interview Call Day

    I mean. There's going to be an assumption that either (1) you weren't one of the firm's top choices going into in-firms or (2) the firm wasn't one of your top choices. That may or may not be a disadvantage but probably won't end up mattering much. What does matter is that it takes you out of the running for breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the Monday and Tuesday (though a Tuesday dinner invite is possible). You're going to have a lot less time for follow-up interviews as well. So, you'll have less of a chance to show what you've got, and will meet fewer people. Many firms try to lock down their favourite students long before Tuesday afternoon. It's not totally onside, but it's what happens. So, operate as though you're at a disadvantage. Because you are. But know it can be overcome. Though, what I really mean is FUCKING KILL IT. Make the most of the time you have. CONVINCE them that you're great. ASK to be invited back. CONVEY your high level of interest. You may even want to EXPLAIN that you wish you had been offered an earlier slot. Realistically, you have to be that much better than the other candidates. Disclaimer: I'm not totally familiar with the rules of the game this year.
  15. Study time for Ontario Bar

    Just to provide a contrary opinion - I only read the section that I was responsible for indexing and then just read over my index a few times so that I could find things. Worked really well for all sections except real estate, which I found really difficult to find the answers in without having an actual understanding of the subject matter. I still passed and ended up with time traveling rather than studying. YMMV.