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  1. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    We're going pretty far afield here, but Christ was pretty clear that the Kingdom of God he proclaimed was not on earth, but in heaven. And besides, he also said to 'render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's'.
  2. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Pyke, you just don't understand. As a Christian I try to base every single decision I make based on my understanding of Christ's message.
  3. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    While I believe some faiths do have the view that you are automatically a member of that faith because of your parents, I know in my church it's very explicit that your faith has to come through choice - the choice of accepting Jesus as Lord.
  4. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Yet another blow to religion in the public sphere. TWU 2001 wasn't distinguishable. I thought Charter rights weren't supposed to swing in the wind of public opinion, but what do I know. I mean I'm not shocked - I resolutely refused to predict this one, but I'm still very disappointed.
  5. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Man, this decision just pisses me off.
  6. Legal Aid Grind

    I wanted to go back to the original post, since I missed it at first. I was once a pretty fresh graduate (albeit with a firm) in a small Alberta town. I got some files from my firm, but I did actually get a decent number of files just straight from legal aid with no hustling from me. I did also get people cold-calling me looking for a lawyer. So it can happen, at least in rural Alberta when the oil patch was booming. But there's a real downside to this too. If you're not out there hustling for work, then you get no say on the kind of work you're doing. So you're getting the legal clients who have already burned through three different lawyers. You're getting the clients who can pay, but barely, and you have to chase down for retainers. No matter what - you want to be hunting for clients.
  7. Legal Aid Grind

    My salary has been frozen going on three years, thank you very much.
  8. Legal Aid Grind

    If you at all have the option, it is far more preferable to practice at a firm where you have some built-in mentors to help you learn and develop.
  9. Proud holder of a BSc here. My plan was always to go into law, but I was told "you better have a back-up plan" and BAs, then as it is now, weren't seen to be the path to riches and glory. I wound up studying Environmental Science, which was a brand new program. Trouble was it may have been a marketable degree, but I never exactly fell in love with the material so my grades were pretty mediocre. I started to doubt I could even make it into law school. I found a 6 month co-op job in my field, and hated it so much I got off my butt and started studying seriously for the LSAT. Got a strong score that made up for my mediocre marks (plus filled it out with some arts electives I knew I could rock because I actually was interested in the topic) and now here I am. I may be one of the few who found law school way easier than my undergrad...
  10. Attempting to apply for articling in Vancouver & Toronto

    The articling interview process is not designed for the benefit of students - it is designed for the benefit of the firms involved. They want to lock down students as early as possible. There is no benefit to the firms involved in allowing potential students to re-schedule in the manner @maislaw asks about. Sometimes you just have to make a choice and live by the consequences. I can tell you way back when I was applying for articles, I was interested in coming to Alberta, but I was definitely not opposed to staying in my home province either. But then I realized - yup - both interviews were set for the same week. I made the really hard decision and withdrew my application from all firms in my home province (after I had made the applications). I can tell you that was one of those big inflection points in my life - if I had stayed home who knows how my life would have gone? But it all worked out well. I got the articling job in Alberta that I thought I wanted. Also, even if you could interview later in the week in the second city... anecdotally I can tell you I eventually articled with the very first firm I interviewed with, ay 9am Monday morning. When I spoke to other students they all wound up with firms that they interviewed with early on in the week. It seemed to me firms had a good idea where they were going by the end of Tuesday. You don't want to be scheduling first interviews for a Thursday or Friday. I remember that I generally got interviews with most firms I applied to (though I did get some rejections), but there was one firm I hadn't heard from. So I called them up just to clarify if they wanted to meet. They did schedule me an interview - I think on Thursday. It was the biggest waste of time where I think they asked me about 5 minutes worth of questions then showed me the door. Finally - if the OP were some kind of legal "generational talent", with gold medal, a ridiculous prior work history, and seeking some kind of ultra-specialized articles then maybe they could work out some kind of accomodation. But no, the OP says There are tons of potential articling jobs in both Toronto and Vancouver that the OP could apply to that would fit that very vague description.
  11. 1 Year JD at U of O , challenges after graduation

    Ah - as you can see I misread it as LLM.
  12. 1 Year JD at U of O , challenges after graduation

    Can you give us a bit about your background? How is it you came to be studying for an LLM without holding a JD in the first place?
  13. LL.M. / Becoming a Lawyer in Canada [merged]

    Back up a bit - are you legally entitled to work in Canada? Your immigration issues are probably bigger than your professional qualification issues.
  14. U of A vs. Ottawa

    After you graduate, do you want to work in Ontario, or in the west? What exactly do you mean by "a more humanitarian practice"? Although I'm not sure that matters - both are excellent schools that will give you a good well rounded legal education.
  15. How many lawyers use Mac computers

    I've never tried opening disclosure videos on my Mac at home, but I can confirm that we often receive CCTV videos in all kinds of wonky proprietary formats that are very hard to open.