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  1. Articling Position in Calgary

    Get down to the U of C forum down the board. Try and make a friend who will pass along postings that are made through that school's career office (perhaps by offering to do the same for someone looking to go to Ontario).
  2. Question

    Well you certainly can't move firms in the midst of articling! Immediately after articling, it's unlikely. The firm will generally have more of their own articling students than they do open positions, so it's very unlikely they'll hire someone form outside the firm as a 1st year associate. Later on? Yeah it can happen. In particular if you gain some expertise in a given area, and they need someone with that kind of expertise... there's no reason they wouldn't consider someone from a mid-size firm.
  3. Law school in Australia?

    Don't tell me you voluntarily turned in your LL.B. for a J.D.? *sobs*
  4. TWU - The Big Show

    This is what it comes down to for me. The risk here is highly speculative. The odds of the child being gay are low. The odds of the parents being actively harmful appears to be low - okay maybe they wouldn't be ideal parents to a gay teen, but it doesn't appear that they would ostracize or harm their child. But being under CFS care is terrible. When you look at the alternatives, how is denying this couple the right decision?
  5. TWU - The Big Show

    I'm reminded of an adoption case I read about a couple days ago: an evangelical couple was going to adopt, everything was going well, until the caseworker started to ask questions about sexuality:
  6. Okay so I'm going to make an assumption here: you have no ties or connection to Canada, but want to move here. You have a degree is Women's and Gender Studies, and want to attend UBC to take feminist law courses. So my assumption is that you want to come to Canada for more political reasons - that you see it as a more progressive country, and perhaps just to get away from President Trump. If I'm totally wrong that's fine - just ignore everything that follows. The saying "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", or in this case, the 49th parallel. Sure right now you have Trump and we have Trudeau. But go back just a couple of years and you had Obama while we had Conservative Stephen Harper. Compared to your "rural state" moving to Toronto or Vancouver you would probably see a huge change in the culture - but the same is true if you moved to any large, cosmopolitan US city. There's far less difference between Seattle and Vancouver, or Toronto and say Chicago, than there is between your blue and red states. In applying for articling jobs you are going to have a disadvantage compared to any Canadian candidate because you will not, at that time, have the legal ability to work in Canada. You should be able to get it once you have the offer if I understand the procedure (but my knowledge of immigration law is fuzzy). But I'm afraid that, when compared to candidates who do have that ability, that an employer may view you as more risky and thus pass on you. So you didn't ask any of this. You asked questions about the fundamentals of the process, and have gotten some good advice on that. But do ask yourself why you want to come here, and whether or not all of the pain and disadvantages that will come with it are going to be worth it, and whether you might just be better off trying to relocate within the US rather than move to a foreign country.
  7. UBC vs. UVic vs. Calgary vs. Dalhousie

    My advice on Alberta has been this: that Alberta has boomed, and busted, multiple times in its history. You're in the beginning stages of planning out a career that should hopefully last 30-40 years. In that time Alberta will see yet more booms and busts. If you think Alberta is the kind of place where you could see yourself building a career don't let the momentary downturn turn you away. You're not going to be called to the bar until 2022. Vancouver is Vancouver. I won't pretend to know what housing prices in Vancouver are going to do - they may drop, they may go yet higher. But even if it drops significantly it is not going to become cheap. High housing prices are a given at one level or another. I know several people who think the world of living in Vancouver. Personally while I like to visit it isn't the place for me (and to be clear I moved to Alberta after law school, so I chose the place). But obviously other people think differently.
  8. UBC vs. UVic vs. Calgary vs. Dalhousie

    There's also the issue if any scholarships or other support is offered. If the OP has to take out student loans for the entire amount that should be a consideration as well. OP, trying to compare Calgary and Vancouver as places to live is a fairly massive topic, and you're almost certain to have some idea what both cities are like. Do you have any more inquiries comparing the two?
  9. UBC vs. UVic vs. Calgary vs. Dalhousie

    Relax. Wait till you see which schools accept you first. Where do you see yourself wanting to practice law? That's the first question you should be asking yourself.
  10. Articling in prosecutions - what if I dislike it?

    Relax. You're getting worried about whether you'll like criminal law but you're three-quarters of a year away from even starting your articles. In any event the die is cast - your articling position is set up and you can't get another one. By all means re-assess your career once articles are winding down, but that's a long way off. Dealing with clients in a student clinic is tough. They're not paying you anything and they know you're a student, so in the words of Rodney Dangerfield you just don't get any respect. And you don't feel like you know what you're doing which just compounds the negative feelings you get when dealing with clients. But be assured it does get better. Speaking as a Crown myself - when you're a Crown you don't have one singular client. But sometimes it feels more complicated because there are multiple stakeholders all of whom you have to try and keep happy, many of whom may have wildly different interests. You have victims of crime of course, who often feel that no matter what you do you're not pushing hard enough - or else they're angry that you're prosecuting the file at all. You have police who often times think they know the law better than you (pro tip - they don't). You have various levels of management, guide books, policies and the like, all of which you need to comply with. And heaven help you if your case ever catches the attention of the media or politicians. Look - it is possible you might not like crim law once you get into it. I know in law school I thought I wanted to be a securities lawyer. But you won't know it until you actually get into the field. So for now relax, enjoy your time in third year law (really my most fun year of my entire university experience) and worry about articling only once you start articling.
  11. Should you wear a poppy?

    You know I would not choose to wear a white poppy, but I really can't see anyone getting all upset at someone who does.
  12. Should you wear a poppy?

    I didn't say it was. I just said the poster should wear a poppy. Not for anything to do with interviews, but just because it's the right thing to do.
  13. Should you wear a poppy?

    You don't have to. But should you? Easy yes. Honour our veterans.
  14. TWU - The Big Show

    What they lose is the ability to have school be a community of the faithful. They want a community where although argument and discussion are valued, but that everyone is coming from a common starting point. If they lose the covenant than any student can come in, including those of different faiths (or those with no faith). They feel it lessens the essential Christian nature of the school.
  15. Is Ottawa's Access category reserved for GPA concerns?

    If it was just a bad week can you not just re-write the LSAT?