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  1. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    I had the chance to build out the world wide headquarters of RumpyCo about 5 years back. Commercial land here is reasonably priced so I could have had just about any configuration I chose. I chose: - Mountain views for all - large boardrooms, meeting rooms and comfortable staff areas - lots of light - easy access of all staff to all lawyers and all lawyers to all other lawyers So my office: - 14x14 - two big windows - I can roll my chair to the scotch cabinet - the views are about all that are grand about it - my office is waaaay too cluttered to meet anyone in, other than members of the firm, without confidentiality issues or cleaning up - hence the boardrooms.
  2. divorce and court

    - It's usually a desk order or more rarely (like 3/100) made after a hearing. In BC, you file it with the registry, a clerk get's the red pen of death, scribbles all over it and tells you it is done wrong, you reply with "get a life you insufferable punctilious pedant"* and they accept it and a Judge signs it. ..or at least that is how I remember it working. *this is said under your breath while you quietly make the required changes.
  3. divorce and court

    You don't need a divorce order anymore? I mean, by definition, 100% of divorces will make it to court. That's where the person who makes the order hangs out. Is it really "divorce" if you don't get divorced? Iamma need to wait till October to figure that one through.* *https://globalnews.ca/video/4287253/trudeau-announces-marijuana-will-be-legal-in-canada-on-october-17
  4. Law School Debt

    Spent three weeks in and around Niseko two years ago with some buds. We rented a van, skied about 50% resort and 50% back-country - I highly, highly, highly........highly recommend it. There are a few places you can go and get some very good back country training in a week long hut trip in BC. Nothing beats experience and skiing with skilled people - but it is a great way to get into it. Most mountain guides see snow the way Gretzky saw the ice- tons to learn from those folks. PM me and I can send you a recommendation.
  5. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Actually, this appears to be the minutes. What was missed in the minutes is hours of debate- completed prior to this. Every single Bencher had their say. It was live streamed. The supporting documentation including legal briefs from different sides where around 650 pages plus thousands of supporting documents ( I admit to only having read the 650). I watched all of the debates. I then voted in the referendum having done my best to come up with the proper balance. - Turns out I was right- did I mention that earlier? If I didn't I was. The vast majority of the lawyers I know, took this referendum very seriously, did much as I did - although there were some who may not have read all 650 pages. I know a lot that just read the two main competing briefs (TWU's was very persuasive I might add). Ultimately, the benchers could have ignored the referendum and voted as they wished if they so choose (as one or more did).
  6. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I agree with both of these comments. (well except on preferring the dissent- I believe this was the right decision) Soooo - now what. The BC Teachers are not a group of shrinking violets - could a group of them agitate for the revisiting of the approval of TWU's teacher accreditation? Courts should be very hesitant to tell a religious institution which of its practices are "minimal". That is not to say that another value doesn't outweigh that value - but if the Covenant was indeed "minimal" - TRU would have removed it, and probably have a law school today
  7. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    ....and I just won a dinner!!!!!!!! I had argued that TRU 1 was distinguishable, my colleague thought not. We bet on the result - not the reasoning luckily enough but the CJ agreed with me - so good enough. (by the way I did go back and make sure that I posted the same back in 2014 - and I did) I WIN, well the lgtbq+ community wins - but I get a free dinner so I WIN
  8. Suits For Men

    ^ I understood none of it and I have been in the profession for a very long time. I try to wear clean robes when I have to wear robes - clean ones are nice. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing but the greatest respect for people who take looking good seriously.
  9. Passive Income For Lawyers

    Ya, I have no idea what "passive income" is in this context. We are R&R for around 1,000 companies - not much passive about it. We have a person who's full time job it is to keep on top of filings, notices etc. I am working with her every day on various parts and pieces of that practice. I like it but I wouldn't call it passive. While the R&R fees earn a good bit, once office space, wages, and other overhead are factored in - it wouldn't make for a great living. If you charge too much, people just take their R&R in house so it is very price sensitive. The real benefit to that work is the corporate work that comes from it. I own some commercial real estate - that is passive. So do they want you to start a ponzi scheme?
  10. Advice on a Strange Articling Offer I Received

    I know the firm of which you speak. They do have a solid reputation, and if I were them I would have likely hired you without an interview as well. Or the interview would have went something like this: Q: so you want to work in FSJ? A: yep. Q: really? A: yep Q: Really, really- I mean you have been there in winter, and mud season and wind season or basically any time ever? A: Yep. YER HIRED. I would have been slow to actually take the position if I were you though. While not impossible to mentor over the phone, it wouldn't be easy. Congrats on getting your position, and good luck. My FSJ hate is mostly in jest and brought about from working in the patch during the boom years. I am sure it has improved immensely since I was there. Pink Mountain and teh Northern Rockies are still one of my favorite places.
  11. Junior associate $20 an hour???

    Most tax lawyers don't do a great deal of math....but they usually can if they must.