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  1. Moving from Defence to Crown

    I can't speak to Alberta - but in BC the Northern offices are constantly and consistently looking. If you are willing to relocate I would think that you could probably find an opening before too long. (or on actually looking - it appears the island is in search at the moment). Start here: https://search.employment.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/a/searchjobs_quick.cgi?a=search Edit - my link isn't working as hoped - but if you go there, hit the search again and hit "Court and Judicial Services" in the "Category" box - Bob's yer Uncle.
  2. Should you wear a poppy?

    Wear a poppy, don't wear a poppy - don't really think it will make a difference in any way. I wear one because I want to remember and honour my grandfather who was the only male student from his high school graduating class who survived WWII. He always wore one, so I do as well. He never said anything to me that I would consider the glorifying of war - very much the opposite. Also remember, the poppy money goes to the legion. The legion supports many who otherwise would not get that support. So if you choose not to wear one that doesn't mean you can't put some cash in the box. I would think if you showed up for an interview with me at this time of year with a white poppy - you better over, over, over perform everyone else. As I would assume you are tone deaf as was mentioned above. But then, if you chose to do so on a regular basis, you probably wouldn't want to work for me anyway so it all works out. It's all about fit right. - there may be other firms with a completely different take on it.
  3. Approaching Small Firms and Solos for Articles

    It's funny - I just received a resume, we aren't hiring at the moment (unless you are a 3-4 year call interested in family law - pm me), but I offered to take the student out for coffee if they were in town. If someone goes to the trouble of applying, I feel it is the least I could do. I was able to give them some leads, and while at said coffee another practitioner came by and I could make an introduction. If I got a call out of the blue to go out for coffee, I might make an effort - or I might not depending on the week. If you want a job, ask for a job. If you want advice, ask for advice. If you want a job but as an alternative would like some advice, ask for that. Look I am a busy guy, the steelhead are running, places to be and what not. I would like to be helpful - so help me help you by telling me what you want help with. my 2c anyway. ps. just re-read your post. If you want to work in criminal and family, I don't think asking the question "how do I get into x?" is going to go over well. You get into it by doing it, suggesting that you don't know that may have you coming off as being hopelessly naive. So unless, after researching all you can, you still have questions - I would be hesitant to have that broad a question as your opener. If you want a job, just research the crap out of the lawyers in those practice areas in your town (read decisions they were involved in, their lsuc/law society record, talk to folks around town) find one you think you might like to work with and ask them for a job. Repeat until employed. If you want more specific advice let me know.
  4. Probably dumb question

    Ach - god no. This isn't a social setting it's work. I would think you would be putting your friend in an uncomfortable spot. They are going to be asked for an objective opinion on your merits soon after the meeting - make it easy for them. But I must confess to not being a social huger either. Don't even get me started on the hug/two air kisses crap. What's wrong with an all encompassing nod? We don't have to prove we are not armed anymore (apparent reason for the handshake), we are not french (the fake kissing is probably their fault), we are coming into flu season. I want to see less human contact in my office not more.
  5. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    Now I am very hungry.
  6. disclaimer, private email

    One method is to take any given scenario they mention - and come up with the very worst possible outcome. "Oh so you are being asked to pay more child support? - well I don't practice in this field but... ... [insert some legal sounding stuff here] and then you end up in jail, your children are sold to slavers on the black market and Trump gets another term." "- or you know you could talk to my colleague who does do that type of work and see what your option are." In all honesty, the majority of folks that want to press this issue really just want to have their thoughts on what "the law otta be" validated. You hear: "well that can't be right", and "there is no way she should get away with that" etc. etc. - I have no patience for those kind of arguments so I came up with the "yer fooocked" strategy. Seems to work so far.
  7. You have 2.6 million - but still have roomies? See not having roommates is a luxury I couldn't live without. Spouse and kids sharing my space are bad enough (although them allowing me to share their space is quite nice).
  8. Will Robots Take My Job?

    Easy - Automate the judge first.
  9. Negativity on this forum!

    One thing to keep in mind. I come here primarily for my own amusement. It is a distraction from my job, not my job. Probably some of the other dream killers feel the same way. Therefore, I will give sarcastic comments on occasion. I do that for my own amusement. I at one time spent some time engaged in the practice of sage advice giving on occasion. However, it seemed like I was answering the same question over and over - so I kind of stopped. Look it up, google that stuff. In the mean time I will return to snarky comments - because it is more fun.
  10. Offshore Attorneys

    No shit - really?
  11. Offshore Attorneys

    Like boat law?
  12. DDS to Law, what are my chances?

    ^ no good. The GRE has a verbal reasoning component as well. The OP is one of those kids that can't read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too.
  13. Small firms, no pay

    ^ "its a glamorous life the law." Said Rumpy, to no one in particular, as he picked up the empty vodka bottles from his office's parking lot. Bottles left there from a soiree held in said lot by a group of local multi-barriered (its like racialized) individuals the evening before/morning of. A soiree the presumptive host wasn't even invited too. Maybe I could pay the next articled student in empty returns?
  14. Small Town ON Salary Help?

    ^ this is in line for northern BC so I would guess it would work for Northern Ontario as well. I don't think it would be too untoward to ask in the $55 range. you may not get it but it isn't a "what the f is this kid smoking" number either. (Although we generally want to see at least 2X billings or better here- rent is cheaper but we don't have the economies of scale. Hiring a Jr. may also involve hiring another assistant, more hours for the bookkeeper etc. etc.) They should pay LSUC/CLE these are straight business expenses so usually not to much of an issue. If you need robes most firms will buy those. In your articling did you run across any associates in neighbouring communities? Might be time to take some colleagues out for coffee/beer and see what it out there. Family law in northern climes can be lucrative. Not many lawyers want to do it, so having a Jr come in willing to would free up the partners for other work they like better. May make a bit more $ worth it to the right firm. good luck.
  15. Why would you want a stress free practice? Have you thought of insurance sales? Panic free would be ok. Stress free not so much.