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  1. Firm Perks

    ..and they are hiring http://www.millertiterle.com/say_tag/job-opportunity/ could join some of their other employees http://www.millertiterle.com/people/norman-stroh/ http://www.millertiterle.com/people/dylan-wiegele-2/
  2. The ability to focus is somewhat important in law school. Is this an issue for you? If it is - then sure take the test wherever-however it will be hard to determine in advance where the distraction will be the worst. What if the person next to you at UofT has a cold, an annoying foot-tapping tick, insists on clicking their pen, clearing their throat, humming Justin Beiber and Katy Perry songs? You may want to do some practice tests in an environment that allows for some distraction just in case.
  3. What is wrong with Mississauga? I wrote in Prince George B.C. and did fine. Nice quiet place Prince George.
  4. Cold emailing local firms/ soles

    One thing - ok few things. Most SP are sole for a reason, some but not all of those reasons are: 1) no one wants to practice with them; and 2) they don't want to practice with anyone. There are some other reasons, criminal defense seems a bit more conducive to a sp shop for example. One thing you will likely find is that a sp is a busy human. When they hear the words "1 on 1 relationship" in the articling context, I would suspect they hear a loud whooshing sounds as the opportunity to do actual billable work slips away from them. FingersC, you are probably the very best, most conscientious of students - but you will still likely be a drag on the operation of an office right at the time when most lawyers are trying to get some family time. So some hints: - try broadening your search to firms of 2-5 or more lawyers if there are any in your town. If not consider a small firm in a nearby center. - work your network, who do your friends and family use as a lawyer, (it is harder to say no to someone if they are recommended by a client). All things being equal after doing all the due diligence you can (talk to people, read the cases, go to court, take in cba activities or local bar events)- approach the person that looks like they may need a succession plan (read - the old dude). Good luck.
  5. Cold emailing local firms/ soles

    When you say local - do you mean in the same town or community that you grew up in, went to high school etc.? If so - just call ask if you can talk to the lawyer you want to work for about a summer position. You may want to do a bit of due diligence - find the lawyers that practice in an area that interest you - or if everything interests you - find a lawyer or a firm that does everything. Say you are from there though- if you are just another random call from down south you will likely be overlooked and circular filed by the vast majority of the recipients of your overtures.
  6. Tax Lawyers

    ^ my uneducated (in that I haven't looked at job openings in a while) is that planning is the growth area.
  7. Screwups and Faceplants

    Phone applications can be problematic. I once had a phone appearance in a family file. The mother appeared in person and I appeared by phone. I told my staff to make sure any call goes straight to me as our old fashioned phone system played the local radio as hold music and I didn't want that playing in court - plus Court, right. So of course it takes all morning for me to get on and they call at the exact moment I am "unavailable" (read- I had to poop). So what music gets played all through the court room while a very angry mother was fuming... Wichy Woman. To this day I think she thinks that I was clever enough to do it on purpose.
  8. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    ^ so exactly the same as 90% of our profession?
  9. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    Ah Duuude - that's some cold shit right there. Do you have any mentors outside your firm?- have you joined any CBA sections, got to know the other side on a file? Maybe time to have a heart-to-heart with someone outside your firm that is familiar with your work and get a second opinion. We all have areas of improvement, and what better place to work on those areas then at work. So figure out what you actually think you need to improve - find ways to improve it (looks like asking here is not a bad place to at least start) - and consider your next employment opportunity. Not saying you have to leave, or that you will not be kept on in three months- just that you may want some options at this point in your career. again - good luck, I wish you the best.
  10. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    Me too
  11. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    That's interesting, our regs say: Professions and occupations excluded from the Act 31 The Act does not apply to an employee who is: (c) a member of the Law Society of British Columbia under the Legal Profession Act or a person enrolled as an articled student under that Act, Others like guides, teachers and drillers are excluded from parts of the Act. It's like these laws were written by lawyers or something.
  12. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    I am pretty sure that I understand what a probationary period is (in BC anyway). So I stand by my assertion that canning the OP near or at the end of their probationary period is cheaper than "extending it" and trying to get them to improve. Mind you canning the op at the end of the "extended" probationary period is also cheaper than keeping someone on if it is not working (that is just practical business advice folks). All that happens is that the notice period increases. I say this in full agreement with much of Pyke's dissertation including the proviso that different jurisdictions are different, but noting that lawyers are excluded from the BC ESA - so much will depend on what the OP's employment contract says (if the OP happens to reside in BC anyway). Same with firing them at the end of two years, or three years..etc. The price just goes up. I have agonized over every firing I have ever had to do. It sucks and I hate it. But I have to say in hindsight, bucking up, giving fair notice and moving on has never been a mistake (yet?). I find that many lawyers get caught up in what it will cost to let someone go. However, I have learned from many of my clients is that it is a price of doing business. If it isn't working, it isn't working and someone has to pull the plug, bite the bullet, hop on that grenade, pay the piper.....
  13. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    I suppose your employer could have just canned you at the probationary stage. Depending where you are located - almost no risk in that. My guess is that they must see something in you or they would not have taken the effort.
  14. Law Firm -Sexual Relations - Question

    Deep. cleansing breaths my friend. If you don't know the answer within a few seconds - or you are second guessing yourself - just go with your first thought and come back to it if you have time. (This is BC advice from circa the dark ages - so it may not be great advice today). ...very, very few people make it through law school and don't become lawyers because of the exam - you will be fine.
  15. I worked xmas during my articling. It was dead - until it wasn't- I quickly found my self waaaaay over my head trying to fix some issues on a file I was supposed to be "babysitting". The partner on that file was my best source of good work for the remainder of my articles and I understand a big reason I was asked back. I would highly recommend being the student that volunteers to be there unless you really can't. Although that week was a big part of the reason I decided to move to the hinterland and become a small town main st. lawyer. - My whole firm takes two weeks off an Christmas now. Doors are shut, lights are off, I or one of the partners may come in on or about Jan 1 to push the button on amalgamations and what not - but mostly we are all skiing and goofing off with our families.