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  1. Average salary first year call Toronto

    60K? In downtown Toronto? That's terrible. Do you have your own clients? I would expect a first year call downtown to be able to hustle at lease 70-80K.
  2. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Unfortunately for them, I've only got H.D. and bubblegum...
  3. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Just don't stick around long enough for them to find that out.
  4. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Most men dress terribly, and never dress up. Thus, you get a ton of attention in a well-fitting suit.* *Your results may vary if you're not this handsome.
  5. Very Low Paid Articling Position

    You screwed up. You said money wasn't important in the interview, and now you don't have any. Can't imagine someone accepting an offer without the salary information.
  6. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    I wouldn't wear ripped jeans if I was paid to. And who wants to dress down?; ladies love it.
  7. 2019/2020 Toronto Articling Recruit (ITC Emails for Interviews)

    Be by the phone at 5 am
  8. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Over-accessorizing a suit makes you look like a buffoon, IMO. You look more professional without all that garish stuff.
  9. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    Client don't expect fancy cufflinks and pocket squares. Who are these clients?
  10. Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    That's crim. I know a top Vancouver crim lawyer who would meet some clients in designer tracksuits and Gucci sneakers.
  11. Question regarding references for 1L and 2L summer positions

    DOJ do, MAG CLOC I believe did. Big law rarely, in my experience. A top big law regional in Vancouver did.
  12. A few years ago, I lived in a newly-constructed one bedroom condo on the westside for about $1500 (this would be a few hundred more today).
  13. Multiple employment offers

    Ok, it's not totally insignificant. However, if you've spent most of your articles running around setting dates 4 or 5 days a week, for 8 hours a day, I think you've got a raw deal. I've seen students doing this.
  14. Multiple employment offers

    I don't think setting dates is significant experience, even if the Crown is unreasonable. Running bail hearings, doing sentencings, etc., that's substantive criminal experience. After you've run around setting dates for a week or two, I think you know the deal.
  15. Multiple employment offers

    Hey, hey now. I'm sorry you got upset. I don't think I said 70K was a "joke"; I believe I said it was average at best for plaintiff PI in a major city. With respect to the lawyer you worked for being a moron, I can't say. On its face, what he had you doing doesn't seem to make much sense.