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  1. Interviewing with a SP- what to expect?

    "near retirement" he/she probably looking for a successor - they probably hoping you would stay so you can buy them out. (aka your future employment is to be your own boss) As a SP myself, I'd probably not ask behavioral questions and instead try to determine what practical skills you have that could help me make money asap. etc lacking in legal experience is fine, biggest concern i have with training new employees is that they leave after I train them.
  2. I can be an articling principal next year, should I hire an articling student? ... it's interesting in that I was in the same position as those looking for jobs a few years ago, and now I'm in the position tot help others. what would articling students expect from me these days I wonder? (acting reasonably?) knowing might help me budget things.
  3. Crypto Currency and Law

    I expect as crypto take off there will be a lot of frauds/fakecoins, being a litigator in this area may be good lol.
  4. Crypto Currency and Law

    securities probably.
  5. When does an associate become partner?

    "When does an associate become partner?" when the sun rises from the West and sets in the East. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. lol
  6. How much does it matter where you go to school?

    It doesn't matter where you go to law school... I'm opening one in my basement, come.
  7. Which is better for your future?

    I can guarantee your financial future..... I will just need a very small upfront investment payment of $20,000 paid to me through Western Union. PM me if interested. lol
  8. Sole Practitioner Start Up

    I registered it.
  9. Sole Practitioner Start Up

    My situation: 1) not incorporated - doesn't appear to be worth it until your income reaches a certain level re tax, there also appears to be more documentation requirements which is annoying. 2) I made up a creative name - reason: easier to add people or sell the practice - I also named it to hint at the type of services provided. 3) things i wish I knew before hand: knowing that it's actually quite doable - I probably would have done it earlier (I waited a bit to consider other employment options)
  10. Do something very niche I guess?
  11. Hi All, I am running my own real estate/corporate commercial practice in Markham, been doing so for over a year and things are going well. There is another general practice lawyer in my building who is looking to retire in the Fall, and is looking to sell his practice. While I may be able to assume his ongoing real estate files, he also has some family/estates files that I will not be able to take on. He did mention that he may be open to transferring his real estate files to me and transfer his other files to another lawyer (i.e. if I know someone I could let him know). He also have a couple of assistants that may or may not stay on depending on the situation. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this opportunity please PM me for more details.
  12. Baker Newby Articling Salary

    That's it, I'm gonna win this argument by starting a terrorist group named Newby.
  13. Baker Newby Articling Salary

    That much is obvious, but they should probably change it. It's like that store named "ISIS" after ISIS came out.
  14. Baker Newby Articling Salary

    ya, who the hell names their own firm "newbie"?
  15. Will Robots Take My Job?

    robots will eventually be owned by other robots LOL