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  1. American (Dual Citizen) Prospective Applicant

    OP, now is a good time to take a minute and think about what you want to do with your life. Do you want to argue in court a lot, or do you want primarily an office job? Do you want to deal with corporate clients and issues, or are you interested in criminal law or family law or immigration law? Is real estate your thing? Is there any area of interest (or definitely not of interest) at this point in time? Do you see yourself working in house with a company managing an array of issues affecting a single client? Do you see yourself opening up a small shop in your hometown? There is a certain logic in wondering what “gunners” go after. The idea being that if most of the keen and knowledgeable students are aiming for X it’s objectively a worthy goal. But you don’t live objectively. Your life is a subjective experience. So aside from a vague comfort that your big law goal is objectively acceptable to your peers, it’s not really helpful to you as an individual to make your life decisions. I am sure you have put more thought into this than your posts here lay out - obviously you have. Not trying to assume otherwise. But if you are looking for useful feedback, personalizing your plans a little bit more will improve the answers you get here.
  2. Rejected From Calgary 2018

    Hey all - if you want to compare schools we have an entire forum for that. If you want to debate whether the LSAT / GPA measurement represents ability and intelligence then please take the thirty seconds to search for any of the other two dozen threads that have canvassed this debate in excruciating detail. This thread should stay on topic - which means most of it should be people listing their stats and ECs and whatever else seems a relevant detail. It’s helpful to other applicants this way.
  3. If you are thinking of registering an account, keep in mind you're only allowed one account, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T SIGN UP WITH AN IDENTIFIABLE NAME. Just do me a favour and assume that after you get a bunch of help with your LSAT, you decide to stick around, and you end up with 100+ posts, and you drop details here and there about your actual real life. Just assume you're going to do that. Because most people don't, and then they do, and then we end up here. We've had a blitz of "please change my username" requests lately. In the interests of trying to nip this trend in... well, in full bloom, if your proposed username is any of the following, reconsider: 1. Your actual name. Just no. 2. Your initials plus birth year. Stop it. 3. The same nickname attached to your YouTube, twitter, and instagram accounts. Because newsflash! people can connect dots, and it's not our job to protect you from Teh Google. 4. Any name that identifies where you are/were and when. Dalhousie2020FTW is not an anonymous name, it's a descriptor attached to every single post you make. People narrow things down fast. This is not our fault or our responsibility. 5. Any other name you have used anywhere else, or any name that contains some kind of unique sequence of letters/numbers that you, six months from now, are going to realize effectively "outs" you and then you're going to PM all the mods and report all of your previous threads/posts and beg or worse, insist that we delete them instantly OR WE'LL BE HEARING FROM YOUR INTERNET LAWYER (yes, this happens). Avoid the stress! Pick a unique username just for this site! I'm not saying we never ever entertain username changes (although none of the mods can do one: you have to speak to The Man Himself). In very rare circumstances they have happened - like, in my seven years here, half a dozen times? But it's an issue we're seeing more and more even though the signup page contains a warning about exactly this. Thank you for listening to today's modrant. Back to your regular programming. PS There is no delete button. There never has been. There never will be. We are not reddit. PPS Please don't take your name from Suits. That's not an official mod position. That's just a personal request. PPPS: this post isn't directed at any one individual. The various requests outstanding are getting answered on an individual basis. This is just trying to prevent more of them down the road.
  4. Firm Perks

    I think an unfortunate thing is the fear and uncertainty in this transitional generation. A father who wants to ask for the time, or plan for the time, is in a real quandry. It’s a new idea, paternal leave. Maternity leave is a separate and obviously difficult issue but no potential moms are trekking new road here. It’s been an issue as long as women have been permitted to apply to law school. There is community and fellow feeling and support - to tackle the assumptions and pressure and disdain. For the men, this is still fresh snow. Brave are those who trek the path.
  5. Case of the nerves

    I am in the Drinking Room. Dibs.
  6. Case of the nerves

    Nerves are normal. Anxiety is normal. How it manifests is different for everyone. Time will probably be your friend here as you get used to the usual appearances. But the butterflies never totally leave - in my opinion this is a good thing.
  7. Behold: https://en.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/Canadian_Property_Law/Real_Property
  8. Is there no mature student category at Western? Would you consider other schools or has life anchored you where you are?
  9. Property law - real property - is some Alice In Wonderland level pretend words and meaningless meanings and ownership isn’t ownership and clap three times and wish to be anywhere else shit. I got a B. Something something fox hunt. *shudder*
  10. [PSA to people who are not in Ontario: an “honour” degree means a 4 year degree. Not a specialized degree, as it does in other provinces.]
  11. Do you intend to apply for Canadian citizenship? What are your long term plans?
  12. Working hours and lifestyle

    I have decided to spend January in a state of absolute sobriety. To see if I can do it.
  13. Best law school to study criminal law

    I love criminal law and wouldn’t do anything else. You couldn’t pay me enough to work in the US right now. That’s a personal opinion, obviously. And it’s never seriously occurred to me. My home is here, my family and friends are here. May as well ask why I never considered working in Ireland. Why would I? At this stage in my career money is not the pressure valve it used to be - I am stable and making a very comfortable living. But I have had times of feast and famine, and I have struggled. Being smart with your money and your debt is good advice across the board but in criminal law it can have a more immediate effect since defence lawyers in particular seldom have a secure income.
  14. Best law school to study criminal law

    If you want to work in Criminal law, almost any school gives you a good foundation. What you need to look at is this: 1. How likely are you to get clinical experience? How many first / second / third years work in the clinic? Is there a lottery for placement? Is it merit based? How many supervisors are there? Do they supervise? Are these people practitioners or academics? Do you go to court and run trials? Sentencings? Take a close look. 2. Will you be able to network with practitioners in your desired location? Criminal practitioners who hire students are usually sole practitioners or very very small offices with three to five lawyers. They need believers. Believers are people who put in face time early in and frequently. So go to school where you want to work. 3. Is this school going to plunge you into serious debt? Criminal practitioners do not make very much money. Articles can start as low as $20k a year. In your first year you are looking at $50-65k a year typically (in larger centres). You won’t break six figures before five years in, most of the time. If you want to survive in criminal law you cannot afford a massive debt on top of this. I know OP wanted a list or a top three. This advice is better. Think critically within your own context. The answer varies person to person. (Context: I am now considered a senior lawyer and all I do is criminal law.)
  15. Criminal Lawyer Associate Salary

    Out here in BC the salaried criminal defence associate position is a unicorn. Much more common to have office sharing / percentage arrangements.