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  1. I am drunk enough to appreciate this as a totally sensible contribution. Dafdodils ftw.
  2. Please Advise Me! (STEM to LAW)

    Okay I will splice this. Anyone wanting to talk about which programs should be classified as what and which are harder and which schools are harder and how much worse you had it than anyone else and that’s why your GPA is X and not Y, etc ad naseum - go here.
  3. Please Advise Me! (STEM to LAW)

    People who have recently joined might be forgiven for not knowing that this debate has been exhaustively canvassed about a hundred times on this site, but could the rest of us at least link to one of many many threads that discussed exactly this issue so yet another thread doesn’t get totally derailed into sciences versus arts?
  4. Putting GPA on resume?

    I am cleaning up this thread. Everyone chill.
  5. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    1. You can’t change your grades from last year. You can only improve your grades next year. Look forward - stop looking back. 1a. Try to break yourself of the habit of seeking ongoing validation from others for all of your accomplishments. You will instantly become less neurotic. 2. If you can’t craft a decent cover letter and whittle down your resume so your relevant experience shines through, this will affect the number of interviews you get. This is something else to look forward to ie something you can DO rather than discuss. 3. Once you get an interview make sure you cover off two basics: hygiene (seriously) and conversation. Don’t prattle on but do have a couple succinct and amusing / interesting stories to fill any awkward silence. And wear deodorant. The worst interviews I ran lacked one or both of those critical elements. Yeah, we all chuckle, but there are some students out there right now still failing to cover off these things. That is my contribution.
  6. I agree with all of this. An articling position is better than nothing- but you need to be on top of things and consistently rise above.
  7. Disclosure of Health Issues

    Forced disclosure also protects the public. It is a tough balance. I don’t say it’s perfect. But it’s hardly without merit.
  8. Disclosure of Health Issues

    In BC there is a form you fill out re mental health and addictions for articling. It is relatively new.
  9. If it’s a small firm I would suggest working out some options with the Law Society, for example: Option 1: part time articles. You work an on/off schedule according to your treatment plan with the goal of having completed the required hours by X date. Option 2: deferred articles. Start a bit later - six months, a year. If you do this ask your Law Society about a possible loan. In B.C. new parents can get a loan to bridge the time they take off if they are sole practitioners. Maybe there is a medical leave option like this? If you go in to your firm with a couple plans you have checked with the Law Society already, you get the dual advantage of impressing the hell out of your employer AND controlling the narrative. Good luck to you. This really is an incredibly supportive profession. Reach out, like others have said. You aren’t alone. People want to help.
  10. What now? [not hired back]

    Awright, back on track now please
  11. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    Rise above. I can tell you honestly that nothing is more irritating to the seniors than feeling like the junior people in your office are treating it like a high school cafeteria clique fest.
  12. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/51085 We’ve got a ton of those weird tax law types around here so maybe hit them up with questions in this thread, if you’re interested!
  13. I can second this. CBT can be extremely helpful and these tools are very useful for people who deal with high pressure situations and high stress levels.
  14. Is law school fun?

    You just bumped a month old thread to make this comment. I wouldn’t point fingers.