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  1. (Idk if this will apply here, but be aware that sometimes interviewees are asked to keep questions confidential. If it turns out you aren’t able to get specifics from anyone that may be why.)
  2. My biggest fear: not hired back

    I am not and have never been a Baystreet Lawyer. But I do know a little bit about tolerating uncertainty. It’s tied in to anxiety and catastrophic thinking. Lots of Type A people have it - if you do, consider not only a Plan B career wise (smart) but also consider addressing your level of stress and how you can bring it down. At a certain point, you just have to accept that there are unknowns you can’t deal with unless they happen: and they might never happen. Unsolicited advice, but kindly meant. On to your regular programming.
  3. Listen to this because it’s 100% true. Keep your chin up, and keep looking. It can be tough and draining but eventually something will come up and you don’t want to miss it. Keep putting yourself out there and shore up your supports to keep you sane and balanced while you go through this. And good luck.
  4. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    I still like my ranking better. Queens will link to my list any time now. Any time.
  5. The mature student category is for the people who graduated, built a career, and acquired skills and - well - maturity - that are a rough equivalent to better grades. The goal is to get students with varied backgrounds who will do well in law school and go in to do well in Law. There are many paths Rome. Barely squeaking in with no or little “life” experience probably won’t make you a more desirable candidate. Consider that your competition in this category may include journalists who want a new career after fifteen years covering politics, or parents who singlehandedly raised four kids and got a Masters in something after they flew the nest, or an ex-cop who was four years on the force and saw the justice system from the inside. These are people who bring something to the table after spending years away from school. What do you bring? (Not being snarky - actual question. As of Sept 2019 what will you bring?)
  6. If you want to know what law school is like ask a Law student. If you want to know what practising law is like, ask a lawyer.
  7. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    My Law School Rankings: 1. Queens. I went there. Ergo, is best school. 2. UBC. I live in Vancouver and it is closest geographically to me. Ergo, is second best school. 3. UVic. See #2 and extrapolate. Also craft beer. 4. TRU. See #3. Also wine country. 5. UNB. Probably should include an Eastern school somewhere around here. 6. U Of M. See # 5 and extrapolate. 7. All remaining Ontario schools are all exactly the same because this will make most of you foam at the mouth, and that’s funny. 8. U of S. I know nothing about this school at all so it gets the benefit of the doubt. 9. Dalhousie. I once dropped poutine here and a seagull came and ate it and seagulls are the assholes of the sky so you get last. 10. McGill actually gets last because I speak no french at all. 11. If I forgot anyone else they are tied for very very last. 22. U of C and U of A don’t even rank because booooo Flames and Oilers.
  8. Ooooohhh Ahhhhhh

    OKAY IT WASN’T JUST ME whew and also, before people post obvious things, please remember that the site’s revenue is ad based so advice/tips on frustrating that will probably be removed.
  9. You know what? Take a morning and go hang out in bail court. You are a member of the public and courts are public places. Turn your cell off, wear jeans and a clean shirt, don’t bring a large bag you’ll have to check at security (if there is one). Park yourself from 10-12 and watch. It might take a while before things get going but it’s worth the wait because you are watching the lawyers, not the drama. Can you imagine being one of them? The other courts may have trials or sentencing going on. There will be a disposition court where pleas and sentencings happen. Equally good to watch there. And finally, trial courts. These are a real hit and miss. Sometimes it’s on the list and it doesn’t go ahead - there is a plea, or an adjournment, or whatever. But if you can get watching a criminal trial stick with it. Watch from start to finish. You may get up the nerve to approach one of the lawyer’s to ask what is going on - they may or may not give you a few minutes and enlighten you. But again - watch - could this be you one day?
  10. OP, my advice here is to step back and consider why you want to go to law school. I understand your first year tanked due to issues beyond your control that are now addressed. But even now you still aren’t competitive for any general category of Admissions. Why do you think you will do well in law school? It’s a huge expense and a huge stressor and a demanding degree, and so far you haven’t done well academically. It only gets harder from here. Are you sure you are up for it? I am not trying to insult you or put you down. This is more of a candid reality check. Your LSAT score is solid - but not exceptional among other applicants, who will be the peers against whom you are judged in terms of your grades. Do you really want this?
  11. Paid (Non-Law) vs Unpaid (Law)

    Hell, I’ve been at this well over a decade and I still hedge and double check and note up daily. The worst counsel are the overconfident ones. Because they assume they know it all, they don’t bother to check, and while bravado carries you forward all that momentum can run you into a brick wall pretty fast. But hey, we all learned, and before / during school is when we learned. It’s people who are actually practising that hang on to that attitude that cause me concern. I am neither particularly shocked nor particularly worried that anyone who is so little along the path would have yet to learn this.
  12. It can’t hurt and it might help. It depends largely on luck and how you present yourself.
  13. Junior associate $20 an hour???

    Without getting any more personal, maybe everyone can commit to reading what a poster actually says before replying. This is a discussion about the legal market. Let’s not derail into some pointless comparison to every other market out there that no one else is talking about. If you want to do that, start a new thread.