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  1. Legal Hair

    The most prominent female defense attorney in the country has a similar hairstyle. You should be fine.
  2. The Night/Day Before [in-firms]...

    I doubt any firm has a policy of "tell students they are great so they stick around". If someone is saying it to you, they probably mean it, but how far does that go? You made to and through interviews, chances are you are in some respects impressive. That doesn't mean a whole lot when literally everyone else is also impressive.
  3. The Night/Day Before [in-firms]...

    This is good advice. More than one candidate has burned themselves by talking down to the articling students volunteering with the process or by being rude to the receptionist or other support staff.
  4. TWU - BC lawyers vote against approval

    No, you seemed to have missed the point. I'm not talking discrimination. I'm talking your ridiculous and childish quibbling over a technicality that gay people aren't banned because they're allowed to throw away their identity and attend. Claiming that banning gay sex amongst married gay people isn't "banning gay people" is no different than arguing that banning Christian discrimination is not banning Christianity. Why does an evangelical Christian get to argue that "by not letting me discriminate, you are not letting me live my Christian values" while at the same time arguing that "by not letting gay married couples have sex, we are not not [note the double negative] letting gay people live as gay people." You can't have it both ways. You can't claim that you aren't banning gay people from attending while also complaining that a restriction on your ability to discriminate constitutes a restriction on your existence as a Christian person or institution. Either the action informs the identity or they are totally separate in which case sure, gay people aren't banned and it's still a Christian university without the ability to discriminate.
  5. TWU - BC lawyers vote against approval

    So out of one side of your mouth you're willing to argue that not allowing married gay couples to have sex isn't a violation of their very identities as gay people, but not allowing fundamentalist evangelicals to restrict sex to married straight people IS a violation of their identifies as fundamentalist evangelicals. Unless a fundamentalist evangelical is only living a Christian lifestyle by totally restricting the behaviours of those around them - which is preposterous - your arguments are self-serving and two-faced.
  6. Starting law firm with 1st year calls

    There is no guaranteed employment, whether through residency or post residency, and a lot of it is definitely not awesome. You sound like someone that doesn't know anyone past the first couple years of medical school. I'm sure its great to target your entire career towards being an orthopaedic surgeon and then to be told "sorry, there is a single job opening in Canada, better luck next year" and then have to go and research for a/multiple years and continually reapply. There also new changes to Ontario's family health system whereby you basically need to replace a retiring doctor (of which there are less and less as a result of the markets) and can't just set up your own shop. You seem really naive.
  7. Large firms are starting to interact with innovative legal technology outfits: https://www.osler.com/en/about-us/press-room/2016/osler-and-the-legal-innovation-zone-create-partner http://www.blakes.com/English/NewsAndMedia/LatestNews/Pages/Details.aspx?AnnouncementID=151 You can start digging from there.
  8. LinkedIn?

    I don't think even the most ardent boosters of LinkedIn would suggest they do all the heavy lifting for you. You used it for its exact purpose and are now downplaying its benefit on your own career. Why, who knows.
  9. I received an A in Corporate Income Tax despite not answering one of the 5 questions and totally flubbing on the 4th. The curve is great.
  10. TWU - BC lawyers vote against approval

    I was pointing out you're an asshole for using a dumb phrase like "traditional marriage" but I guess I needed to be more explicit.
  11. TWU - BC lawyers vote against approval

    The deprivation of the "right" to open a law school? Also, which "traditional marriage"? https://upworthy-production.s3.amazonaws.com/nugget/4fad667a42542a00030018ba/attachments/biblemarriage.jpg
  12. 2L - not sure about this law thing.

    Sure, that explains the GPA. Why do you only have a 163 on your LSAT, if it's the OP's fault you didn't get into law school?
  13. Anyone else find law school to be ridiculously easy?

    This is a really ironic and funny post.
  14. Toronto 2016 2L Recruitment

    Yes. I'd like to know the difference between who was forced out, who was burnt out, and who chose to leave because they got access to a position they otherwise would not have gotten. Someone leaving one firm because of burn out and quitting law entirely is very different from someone taking an associate GC spot at a major company because of the connections developed while at the firm. Both left, but the circumstances of them leaving are very different. Firm A and Firm B could have equivalent rates of people leaving, but if Firm A's lawyers typically leave because they get awesome job opportunities and Firm B's lawyers leave because they hate the firm or were fired, that's a very different story and provides very different employment implications. I'd love to work for Firm A where even if I don't stick around, I have opportunities opened for me by working there. I'd hate to work for Firm B.
  15. Toronto 2016 2L Recruitment

    It would be interesting but I don't know how "useful" it would be. Did someone leave McBlakies, Brasken WildeBennet or were they headhunted and plucked to greener pastures? Just checking the website doesn't tell you that.