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  1. Thanks! I am articling now so this would be as an associate (or whatever the equivalent to that is in government).
  2. I thought about that, unfortunately the offer from the Toronto office is what I received. I don't think that is a coincidence - I hear that the Toronto and Vancouver DOJ offices have a hard time retaining people because of the high cost of living.
  3. Hey, Does anyone happen to know what the current starting salary is for the Toronto DOJ office? The latest salary I could find was from 2013 (where it was listed as $71K). If it is in fact $71K, is that feasible to live on in Toronto with $67K in loans left to repay? I ask because I recently accepted a job with the Toronto DOJ. The DOJ has always been my top choice and so when I was offered a position with them I immediately accepted without even asking the salary. I was in the midst of going through interviews at the time for jobs that would commence after I completed my clerkship (mostly with biglaw type places), which I immediately cancelled after receiving the DOJ offer. Given my high debt-load, I do find myself second guessing my decision in retrospect as the other places I was interviewing at would obviously have offered a considerably higher salary.
  4. The bar exam is far more a test of stamina than it is of intellect. Don't take it too hard. Whatever that exam tests, how good of a lawyer you would be is not one of them.
  5. Tax Lawyers

    Out of curiosity, between tax litigation and tax planning, which of the two currently has the better job prospects?
  6. Failed Solicitor 4th time

    I believe LSUC offers free tutoring for those that failed the exam multiple times, so I would look into that. When studying, I found doing past exams to be far more valuable than reading the materials (so I guess do as many past exams as possible).
  7. I am shocked that I passed the solicitors (I thought that I failed it for sure). Thank God I don't have to go through the hell that is studying for those exams again.
  8. I found that I was okay for business law and estates, but I had a lot of trouble with real estate where I was forced to guess for a good chunk of the questions. Overall, I am not confident at all that I passed.
  9. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    If the large firms raise their salaries, would that have a cascading effect of causing small and mid-market firms to raise their salaries as well?
  10. Ya, it's not like I don't already have enough debt, right?
  11. Those clerking have to pay for it out of pocket as well
  12. We're Starting Articles Soon. Give us advice!

    To add to that, anyone have advice for people starting clerkships?
  13. Getting high grades will make it easier to get a legal job in pretty much every practice area. However, the extent to which grades are emphasized does (in my experience) vary by practice area. Areas like tax and appellate level litigation put a huge emphasis on grades, to the point where high grades are virtually essential in order to break into these areas (just take a look at what it takes to get hired by Marie Henein's firm as an example). At the other end of the spectrum, social justice and poverty law type areas tend to be put much more emphasis on non-academic than academic factors (such as having a resume that demonstrates an interest in their practice area). Most other practice areas would fall somewhere in the middle between these two extremes, with academic and non-academic factors being roughly equally weighted.
  14. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    I don't know why but it seems highly unconventional (which I don't really understand as people article and then clerk all the time, so it shouldn't be a big deal to do the same thing in reverse).
  15. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Same. Biglaw has shown its great love for me once again Though I suppose it is possible that the fact that I would be articling after completing a clerkship was a turn-off.