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  1. TRU vs Windsor

    I had the choice between Windsor JD/JD and TRU and the costs was completely in favour of going to TRU and its not even close. I would not recommend waiting a cycle if you have acceptances in hand, you cannot predict how the next cycle will go and you are wasting money on applications and losing a year of work. I articled in Ontario but I had it lined up and it is not Bay Street it is small town Ontario. There were students in my year who did interviews in Ontario but had to fund planes for quick trips. I dont think any of them articled in Ontario after the interviews but I think that had more to do with their significant others as opposed to the availability of a job.
  2. No Luck in Second Attempt

    You graduate with a Windsor JD so the hiring would presumably be reflected in the overall hiring of Windsor JD graduates. The tuition isnt ideal but its a Canadian JD from an Ontario school.
  3. Upset with 1L Grades, could use some advice

    Don't worry too much about 1L grades. Take the advice above and find out what you did wrong/could have improved and then assess for next year.
  4. No Luck in Second Attempt

    I really wouldnt get too bogged down in what the school specializes in. First year is pretty much the same courses everywhere with the same courses and then you can take mostly what ever courses you want but every school will have the basics that you need to practice anywhere. Your stats arent bad so apply to every common law English school in Canada and I would suspect you wouldnt get rejected from them all. A Masters wont hurt and could help (With varying degrees) with your applications so that is a fine backup and it is the backup I had before going to TRU and working in Ontario. The JD/JD program at Windsor would be another option.
  5. Hours : Targets, Expectations and Consequences

    I have a $$$ target to bill and that is a number based on salary. Anything above that goes into a number cruncher and I get a percentage of based on my expenses and overall firm health.
  6. TRU vs Sask

    Yeah pretty much what Stark said. Stay with your family for the three years and travel on an as needed basis for interviews and stuff. There are Skype interviews, phone interviews and so forth so you might not even need to travel for work opportunities.
  7. TRU vs Sask

    Well if you are considering moving to BC why isnt the move done now? That would save on the plane rides home, unless it is to see family. It is harder to network and get a job across Provinces during law school so it depends if that hassle is worth the tuition difference to you.
  8. I got my principal a signed framed Canadians picture for the office. The principal had other Habs stuff and other pictures around the office. It was like $150 or something like that. I did it because of I was thankful for all the help and being a principal is tough. It felt right and its still in the office. He was pretty shocked so if I hadnt bought anything then things wouldnt have been any different.
  9. Are there too many law school graduates/students?

    Not really if I still made it through.
  10. Are there too many law school graduates/students?

    Competition is good for the market so the number is fine. Some class sizes are probably too big like U of O and I dont think we need another GTA school. The school and extra seats can be better used in an area where there isnt much representation as far as a law school goes.
  11. Negotiating Articling Salary

    You need to figure out what kind of targets you actually have and what the job entails first. Some jobs will have X target hours (or target $) you have to meet to justify your 14$ an hour, but it might not. If that is the case you can inquire that if you bill more than the X target consistently would there be a chance of the target and salary going up. Its a compromise position in that its not a raise or a higher starting salary for nothing you have to earn it.
  12. Question about Vacation during Articling

    Well when you are articling you get X time off per law society guidelines. If you have a continuing positive dialogue just ask them now. I work in a similar size office and vacation requests go through office manager with approval from senior partner so its best to get ahead of the ball and it will help yourself and assistants with scheduling of matters.
  13. Case of the nerves

    Thats called the courtroom
  14. Chances? cGPA 3.67 LSAT 147

    Your chances are pretty slim to none with that LSAT. I mean that is extremely low and your CGPA is not enough to overcome, but not all schools use CGPA so you would have to calculate your Best 2 (B2), Last 2 (L2) and then check out schools that use drops such as U of M and UNB. The drop schools use a formula and index so there is maybe something there. I took an LSAT course and it was not for me but I would just hammer as many practice tests as you under actual timed constraints. There is probably much better advice on the LSAT board and I would dig through there. I only got 158 so Im no expert.
  15. TRU vs Manitoba

    I went to TRU and I had a close friend at U of M and have been there and met some of his classmates so I do have some familiarity with the latter. I would wait until you get all your applications/rejections before making a decision who knows what will happen. Ultimately it depends where you want to live and work which is boring advice. Moving and starting fresh in a new Province really isn't easy and you can do that move with a U of M degree and more money in your pocket so I would suggest U of M for the financial component alone. There are other factors you can consider like the weather is some of the best in Kamloops and maybe some of the worst in Winnipeg but there is more to do in Winnipeg. I don't think there was any real criticism about reputation, there were concerns with a new school but its a non issue and youll find graduates practicing everywhere. This isnt much and I can try answer other specifics.