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  2. Today I scored an abysmal 140 going in cold on the June 2007 practice LSAT. Please list all the things wrong with me and don't skip out on the parts that truly highlight why I'm a failure. Please give me tips to better myself! I think I'm most upset at the fact that I did most poorly on the freaking LOGICAL REASONING section. I repeat, LOGICAL REASONING. Lol. 10/25. Ouch. The irony is *not* lost on me. I just signed up for a 7Sage membership, so I'm hoping that'll help. Am I doomed? Is it possible to turn this around for the September LSAT?
  3. Aim for a high GPA regardless. This way, you will boost your chances both for grad and law. After that, time will tell. It's great that you're asking these questions now. Talk to as many people in the industry (both in Psychology and in Law) as you can. Any lab experience you have in Psych can always contribute to soft factors if you decide to apply to law school. There was a time when I wanted to take the Psych graduate route as well but realized I didn't want to devote my life to research nor did I like the type of work clinical Psychologists do (I have been working for one for a number of years).
  4. Since most of employer may possibly speak in English or quite a bit of you clients also possibly speak in English. I think it's may be always better to take an English common law program rather than a French immersion law program. It would b definitely better to have an additional language skills, for expanding possible clients pool or potential market, or broaden research horizon. However, if one does not work in certain jurisdiction , the additional language may sometimes only help people in some special or certain occasion. However, I might think it might still be better for more quarter of curriculum instructed in English rather than other way around. But that's just my bias.
  5. Has anyone heard anything yet? Sounds like the waitlist has been ranked, which surprises me as I don't believe discretionary offers have gone out yet, but perhaps my file has just ended up in limbo somewhere in "File Complete - Awaiting Review" land... just wanted to make sure lol
  6. I'm surprised the wait-list is ranked yet! Do discretionary waitlist offers just go at the end of the waitlist then?
  7. Je me suis connecter tôt ce matin et des places se sont libérer dans les groupes que je voulais. Je ne sais pas si j'ai eu de la chance, ou des places se libère assez souvent ( les gens changent de groupe) mais essaie d'aller voir le plus souvent possible !
  8. I received an e-mail just before noon on May 24th. It's updated on myuwindsor, but not yet on OLSAS.
  9. After looking through Plinko's AMA, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the 1L courses are: Contracts, Criminal Law, Property Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Research and Writing, Access to Justice (Fall) and Torts (Winter). Is anyone selling their textbooks now or should I just wait and speak with a 2L, or just buy new? If you are selling your 1L textbooks, send me a PM.
  10. A further update! And congratulations.
  11. What's was your LSAT score? My understanding is that it's a combination of both that Goes into scholarship consideration.
  12. Depending on your softs. Rewrite the LSAT, 163+ all but guarantees admittance do you.
  13. My heart is broken. So sorry to hear that. You'll succeed wherever you go U of O is lucky to have you.
  14. If money is roughly the same, and you can learn both French and English common law spontaneously , I may say Ottawa. If French common law program require applicants to take up to 75 % of courses instructed in French , unless money is concern, I may say ,go Oz.
  15. Hi Raheezy - I'm in a similar position. Are you an access or mature category?
  16. Thanks guys for the feedback!
  17. Have they already sent out tickets? I haven't received anything new in the portal about the ceremony since they sent out that form (Call to the Bar Form or something like that, with scheduled call date and other info).
  18. Yesterday
  19. Well, I live with my family in Toronto so I would not have to pay for the rent and food. With the 17000 tuition fees, plus books, plus rent and food, it might go above 30 000$ in Ottawa.I guess I just have to hope to get some scholarships.
  20. How do?
  21. No, the deposit does not turn your provisional acceptance into a firm acceptance. In other words, you will still remain on Osgoode's (and any other school) waitlist/consideration list. You just can't get the 500$ back from Ottawa is all.
  22. I will exchange in Osgoode this fall term and IL courses are not open to exchange students. Also, I am not an English native speaker. I try to exchange in Osgoode because I am intended to apply for J.D. in Canada or U.S. and want to get a whole picture of it.. I have a few questions: 1) If I cannot learn the 1L courses, the core and fundamental ones, will it be difficult for me to directly learn the upper year courses? In the official website I find that many courses do not need prerequisite, does it means that I can feel free to choose them? Any courses to try or avoid? 2) I am interested in criminal law, tort law. I want to try for something different in Osgoode, such as practice courses and moot competitions. Also, I want to thoroughly learn how to deal with practice-oriented writings, such as brief, memo, drafting and so on. Are there some courses and activities that you highly recommend? 3) Something bothers me is the GPA. After all I am not a native speaker. I want to push myself, choose 5 courses and work hard to improve my English proficiency as fast as possible. But I am afraid that I cannot adapt to law school as smoothly as I imagine, and finally I cannot handle the difficult tasks and then fail in getting a relatively good GPA. Do you think it is better to try as hard as I can or make a relatively gentle plan? 4) Other tips? Other tips during my 2017 fall exchange term? Thank you very much!
  23. Alright, that's bit more than I expected... It makes the choice between ottawa and osgoode a lot harder...
  24. 8K is for civil 17K is for JD. French and English. That is what I think is is.
  25. Yosh tout le monde! J'ai été accepté début avril! Je sais pas du tout quel est mon cgpa par contre, j'ai jamais regardé. J'ai eu 160 au LSAT. J'ai étudié à York en anglais, mais vu que je viens de France ils ne m'ont pas demandé de passer un examen. Hâte de vous voir tous en septembre!
  26. Hi everyone! I'm in the French common law program and I'd like to know how much I'd have to pay in tuition fees. I went on the website and it says around 4000$ per semester, so around 8000$ a year but I've heard it is close to 17000$...
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