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  2. No fap while studying for lsat

    Don’t worry about no fap November. Do what u need to do.
  3. Articling Position in Calgary

    I work for a small firm, and also work closely with number of sole practitioners. I don't know much about big firms, but for small firms it is very necessary to build relationship with the firm/lawyer first. One of sole practitioner I know gets 5+ resumes every week. Not only from local UofC students, but also out of province or NCA students. So yeah, you need to something more than just asking for a position with your resume. I know it is tough, especially if you are out of province. But, carefully draft a personal email to those small firm lawyers... and ask for a coffee or something if you are coming to Calgary during the winter break... get to know those people and make them like you.
  4. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    Yeah, people have. It's not normal. The mean repeat test taker increases their score by 2.8 points, and the distribution is a near perfect normal distribution, so you're as likely to drop 4 points as you are to gain 7. And sure, there's a guy or gal out there who went from 150 to 175+, but statistically, they're less than 0.05% of repeat test takers. About 20k people wrote for the second+ time in 2012, which means that a grand total of 10 people did that. If you're feeling lucky...
  5. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    All things in moderation my friends. You are going to burn out. We have had this discussion on the forum over the years and I have to say that the number of people who are devoting full time hours over weeks or even months seems to go up every year. A lot of them are posting on the TLS forum and hearing a lot of stories (some of which are undoubtedly exaggerated or outright false) about absolutely insane LSAT study schedules that they then feel they have to emulate. This is not how everyone does it, so if you are feeling peer pressure to do it, consider this your formal permission to stop. At a certain point it’s just posturing and you need to recognize that for your own mental health. This crazy volume of hours spent prepping is only worth it if it is helpful to you. And burnout is not helpful. If you can’t turn your brain off you should step back to let yourself recover. And if you are scoring well, don’t feel like you have to finish 100 prep tests exactly before you can compete. That is not how this works.
  6. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    Maybe I shouldn't have spent so much time reading LSAT advice intended for those hoping to go to T14 law schools in the States, but people have definitely increased their score drastically (150s to 170+) by taking more practice tests and studying over a prolonged period of time.
  7. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    I feel exactly the same way! I've been working full-time and studying for the LSAT. At this point, I'm just disappointed. I know, that while I did the best I could under the circumstances, I'm not even close to my goal score.
  8. LSAT rewrite and admissions timeline

    Thanks! I’m really excited!!
  9. Approaching Small Firms and Solos for Articles

    The search has come to a successful end. Thanks to everyone who gave advice! It was all tremendously helpful. Good luck to those still searching! All I can say is just keep at it, and listen to this community! There's a lot of value here.
  10. I demand to know... why anyone would do a JD MGA?

    I dunno. Someone gets to be an astronaut. I'd just say, have a backup plan. If you want to try to be an international criminal lawyer or a secret agent or whatever, figure out what paths can lead there and build one that, worst case, also leads to something else you like. You might still make that investment, but only if it turns out that the back-up version of it is also an acceptable outcome. Don't bet money you aren't willing to lose, in other words.
  11. I demand to know... why anyone would do a JD MGA?

    As someone who travels a lot for lawyer work, I would say it would be almost immeasurably more useful to spend a year adding a language to your toolbox than to learn polisci MGA material. My particular career might not be very cool or unique, but the people I'm adjacent to and who I have to attend parties with often have those careers. They all speak 3+ languages. I have never heard any of them mention a relevant non-law academic background. Two I can think of were chemistry majors. Again - don't assume that a university is being honest when it says the product it's selling will help, anymore than you would believe an infomercial on late night tv, and don't assume that any particular stone is a step on the way to a career - you can research and actually figure out if that's true.
  12. I demand to know... why anyone would do a JD MGA?

    Well yeah that's what I said. Dream of the unicorn. That doesn't mean don't plan for it. But don't expect it. And when you don't expect something, it gets harder to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to getting there. It makes you stop and think as rationally as possible. Let the heart dream. Let the brain plan.
  13. I speak 5 of the 6 UN languages.... that's the only potential hook I have
  14. I demand to know... why anyone would do a JD MGA?

    I would never advocate against the unicorn dream. I say dream as big as you want. But the people who turn those dreams into reality do so either through luck or through remarkable effort, diligence, focus and determination. Part of that is properly figuring out what gets you from point A to point B, if the dream is some specific point B. Three+ languages helps a lot with getting a career that takes you to different places. But you have to speak well enough to practice in those languages.
  15. From college to law school question

    Contact the schools you are applying or wish to apply
  16. I demand to know... why anyone would do a JD MGA?

    Also Payam Akhavan is fluent in at least 3 languages. One of them being one of the official UN languages. I'm also pretty certain he had an LLM from Harvard before he started his practicing career. The wisdom generally is, Chase the unicorn, but don't expect to be the unicorn. International criminal law and akhavan is that unicorn for any law student.
  17. Yes, please. The Admitted threads are not the place for tangential discussion.
  18. Again, folks, let's try to keep the extraneous discussion out of the Admitted threads. These threads are for announcing positive admissions decisions and are valuable for future students. If you have other tangential issues to discuss, please do it in a new thread or PM the individual to whom you're asking questions. Thanks.
  19. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    I normally do not post on here; however, you have irritated me enough that I must. Now, I agree with you that people can achieve an excellent score on the LSAT without studying for months. But, put your self-loathing attitude aside and realize that the LSAT, just like any other exam, can be studied for. I know numerous people who have gotten high 170s by studying for the test through learning how to diagram logic games, learning common traps/logical flaws for logical reasoning, and diagramming reading comprehension. So, please stop thinking that just because YOU did not have to study for the LSAT, everyone else should not have to either. And to the OP, take a couple days off and start studying again, you will be better off for it.
  20. Screwups and Faceplants

    I've totally done that - second year summering for back to back trials - it was exhausting and on about day 17 I messed up the order a whole days documents in the judge's binders... I still remember how my heart sank in the back of the court room... Never happened again though.
  21. Access Category: Any experience or advice?

    3.7 cGPA after that? You're my hero. Terribly sorry for your loss, I can't imagine what you're going through. I hope you kill the LSAT. Best of luck to you.
  22. PMing you to keep this thread on topic.
  23. BTW, did you apply to Calgary? they provide very generous entrance scholarships, I believe there are more than 10 scholarships values > $10K and BDP one worth $20K (and renewable for 2 more years) , you stats is for sure very competitive in UofC applicant pool. (~Average 3.63, LSAT 162)
  24. Based on the threads in previous year, Index of ~93.5 might qualified for small scholarship for ~ $1000~2000, index of 94 might got bigger ones (>$5000). But the cut-off is different from year to year, UBC is generally quite strict on merit-based scholarship, I have a friend who has index of 94.1 last year and got nothing. Bursary on the other hand is quite generous from what I heard.
  25. I demand to know... why anyone would do a JD MGA?

    To wit, Payam Akhavan has an LLB, an LLM and an SJD. Maybe take that as a data point.
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