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  2. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    1) Yes - all of them (many of my colleagues at Ottawa U ended up with summer Bay Street IP positions). 2) Heck no. I summered and articled in Ottawa and landed an associate IP job on Bay before I was even done my articles. 3) Totally biased because I went there but the school is incredible (especially their IP program). I've posted a lot on here about this - there are just amazing opportunities that the school offers its students (CIPPIC legal clinic, mooting and RAships to name a few). Not to mention the Ottawa 1L IP recruit. The IP profs are also leaders in their fields and absolutely excellent. I cannot understand why people always slam Ottawa U. I work alongside several colleagues who went to UofT and Osgoode and all I can think is "man, I paid far less than you did for your law degree and here we are working at the same firm, earning the same money". Finally, you mentioned Toronto cost of living. You will not find an apartment downtown Toronto for $1200. However finding something in that price range is at least a possibility in Ottawa. I lived walking distance to work in a pretty nice 2 bedroom condo for $1400/mth and that included parking and utilities. I have a friend who lived in a cute bachelor downtown Ottawa for $675/mth. You may really have to hunt for it, but those gems are at least possible to find - I don't think the same is true for the current Toronto market.

    Terrible show. The storylines are circular and they ripped the entire premise of the show from Good Will Hunting.
  4. Convoluted Question Stem

    It's no different than a parallel reasoning question, just that you're explicitly told they both exhibit a logical flaw. You'd have to match that anyways, for any parallel.
  5. Convoluted Question Stem

    Yeah I've seen this a couple times. It's a weird one. But yes, that seems to be the best way to approach it. Find the flaw in the stimulus, then figure out which AC makes that same flaw.
  6. "The flawed nature of the argument can most effectively be demonstrated by noting that, by parallel reasoning, we could argue that" This is a question stem I've seen more regularly utilized by LSAC in recent tests. I always skip and come back. Is the best way to approach this to identify the flawed argumentation in the stimulus, and then find the paralleled flawed argument?

    Accepted today by e-mail at 1:30 CGPA: 3.7 L2: 3.9 LSAT:155 Out of province (BC)
  8. Accepted 2018

    Hey were there other schools you applied to and also got accepted? Similar situation and stats as you. Ty
  9. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    Thank you for your help! It'll definitely be a better situation for us in the short term.
  10. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    Interesting, I certainly haven't looked as much into housing in Toronto as I have for Ottawa. Ideally at least one of us would be within walking distance but somewhere in between wouldn't be too bad. I definitely didn't thinking about it that way. I'm sure that more people attend Ottawa with the purpose of staying there than attend Western, Queens or Windsor for the same reason. All very good to hear! Thank you for your help.
  11. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    Your response pretty much covers it - your partner will have a much easier time with a transfer to Ottawa as opposed to quitting and looking for work. Go to Ottawa. Enjoy it and don't look back.
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  13. Summer Jobs

    Hell All, Anyone have any ideas on getting a summer position in Ottawa. I'm a 1L, OCIs are done. I didn't apply. What are some of the alternatives? I'm not from Ottawa but I can't imagine out all of these law firms in Ottawa there aren't some that need help by way of law students. Should I just be calling law firms and asking if they are willing to hire?
  14. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    With the opening of the subway station, there is a pretty wide swath of Toronto that would be a reasonable commute to both York and downtown. You can get a better sense of the options when you do your road trip. Be careful not to read too much into superficial data. Yes, more Osgoode students go to Bay Street. But why? Is it because Osgoode's education (or its student body) are superior? Or is it just that UOttawa attracts a class that's less likely to seek Bay Street positions? 1) I'm not an IP lawyer, but from what I've heard, the answer is "all of them" 2) God no 3) Excellent, and it always has been
  15. Folks Outside the Law

    I have never practiced but can't talk about my job or path except in extremely vague terms as it would immediately out me. I do policy and I've stuck with policy because it is fun.
  16. How do they count last 60 credits?

    This is not correct. https://cloudfront.ualberta.ca/-/media/ugadmission/ro-assets/publications/tip-sheets/2017-18/law-2017.pdf
  17. Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Accepted Jan 22nd LSAT 159 GPA 3.7 B2 3.82 decent softs and no connection to the North.
  18. Mature Student

    @SmithJohn Thank you for replying and sharing your information!! Really excited to hear about the public law aspect of Ottawa.
  19. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    She's a store manager and believes she'll be better off in Ottawa than Toronto. She'll be able to transfer to Ottawa with a few months notice whereas for Toronto she'd likely have to quit and find a different company. We're willing to pay around $1200 a month rent but I don't think that'll go very far in Toronto, while we can probably swing a decent one bedroom in Ottawa for that much.
  20. Folks Outside the Law

    FWIW, a colleague re-entered graphic design, another went into HR, others in admin positions at various ngos, and other is a motivational speaker/blogger/life coach. You won't get too many posters here contributing on a law forum about their non-law life. It's doubtful that anyone who disliked law to the point of not practicing would chat about law school
  21. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    What does your fiancee do? Can they easily find work in Ottawa as compared to Toronto? What is your budget like?
  22. any thoughts on Windsor vs Victoria?

    Damning with faint praise - their are cities in war zones that are more beautiful then Windsor. And, speaking of war zones, it's across the river from Detroit. Both are good schools, Vic is cheaper, Windsor is in Ontario. If you want to work in Ontario, I'd probably go with Windsor (provided we're not talking duel degree).
  23. uOttawa vs. Osgoode

    Hello everyone. I was recently admitted by my number one choice (Ottawa) and was admitted to Osgoode a few weeks back. The plan was always Ottawa, but to be honest I felt like Osgoode was a long shot and now that I'm in I'm considering my options. I used to think I wanted to settle down in Ottawa but lately the idea of eventually being in Toronto has become more attractive. My fiancée and I are both career-driven and are not planning on starting a family so I think I could handle big law should I be fortunate enough to land something. I have no idea how I'll feel about staying in Ottawa after moving (it's my favourite city in the province for visiting, but who knows how that translates to living there) though I have a feeling I'll eventually want to move to a bigger market. I'm mostly interested in intellectual property as I'm currently finishing my Masters in Molecular Genetics at Western. This is one of the major reasons I was drawn to Ottawa as their emphasis on IP seems to be quite well known and there are many opportunities available for jobs. But Osgoode also receives a lot of compliments for its IP program so it could be close in that regard. The only advantages I can see for staying in Toronto are the better placement rates on Bay Street for Osgoode grads and the closer proximity to my family - but the former is a pretty huge one. I just really don't want to attend York. I'd need to live downtown so my fiancée can find work in the city which would be expensive and come along with a hefty commute each day for me. I'm really not interested in living in northern Toronto. In Ottawa we could find an affordable apartment right near the university that would fit both of our lifestyles. So I guess my questions are as follows: 1) Are there jobs in IP available on Bay Street that a uOttawa student would be as competitive for as an Osgoode student? 2) If I find summer work or even article in Ottawa, is finding permanent work in Toronto out of the question for at least a few years? 3) How's Ottawa's reputation these days? I've seen some scary things from past years on this forum. I'm going on a road trip to visit both schools in February which will help me make a decision, but it'd be nice to hear some input from on here. So far I'm quite unimpressed by uOttawa - it's very minor, but their acceptance letter was underwhelming and I don't see any word of a welcome package being sent or available online. On the contrary, everything I've received from Osgoode so far has been very welcoming. Thanks for any and all input.
  24. OASIS Status

    I did after a couple weeks. I'm sure a brief e-mail to admissions is fine, but based on the fact that everyone seems to be experiencing some delay, I wouldn't sweat it until at least a few weeks have gone by.
  25. OASIS Status

    Ok, thanks so much. Though did you contact Osgoode to confirm that they have received your response? Because other schools are getting my "declines", and I wanted to make sure that Osgoode actually secure my spot. Thank you in advance!
  26. How do they count last 60 credits?

    Unless something has changed if they need a course from your winter semester they will also take your fall semester as they don’t split up sessions
  27. OASIS Status

    It took a month for mine to update, so I wouldn't worry too much.
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