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  2. The personal status is not considered during review of regular applicants, so it's unlikely to help you determine your competitiveness.
  3. possibly not. apologies if misplaced.
  4. You're in the UWO forum?? Probably not the best place to be posting this
  5. im moving from edmonton to midtown toronto, looking for roommates. i also own a place in ed that ill be leaving, for all you uofa students.
  6. Yeah, I know I'm talking out of my ass since I'm nowhere close to Bay St, but I'm just spitballing ideas. They clearly care about inflation at some point, since salaries aren't the same as they were 50 years ago, but it's likely just whenever they start to lose good people at a higher rate than expected. A quick calculation says that $100,000 CAD in 2008 is ~$115,000 CAD today, so it seems like a salary bump would be coming eventually. Honestly I don't think a correction after ~10 years is that uncommon for an industry like law, but maybe I'm wrong? How were salaries trending during the years prior 2008, if you happen to remember? Stagnant for a long time, recent bump, steady rise?
  7. congrats! i was accepted w a 164/3.4. so theres hope. see you there!
  8. Seems like one of the recommendations that popped up a couple of times was to organize the materials by section (e.g. Business Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, etc). Could anyone confirm this is helpful?
  9. has anyone started the housing search? and is anyone else having a super hard time ?
  10. I also just want to point out that UV's Bay Street survey bears out my 40% number for OP's reference: Note that not all of those firms are biglaw firms, or even firms at all. Also note that hireback rates are far from 100% at many firms. My 40% number is not far off it seems. Anyway, I did not mean to offend or start a major internet fight, just calling it like I see it. OP, you have the facts before you, I wish you the best in whatever decision you come to, I'm sure you'll do great whatever happens.
  11. Nitpick: LSAT score is highly predictive of 1L academic success, and far more predictive of 1L academic success than undergrad GPA. That's been beaten to death in other threads, but there's very good data supporting the predictive capabilities of the LSAT, which is why law schools use them.
  12. Source? I couldn't find a posting anywhere of all the hirings, and I only know mcgill's through their email.
  13. I am sure you are aware that not everyone reads this forum, and moreover, much of U of T's marketing material is designed to create an impression which is not entirely true. Not to mention the fact that the information surrounding Canadian law schools is generally very limited. In such an environment, I am not surprised that many intelligent people fall into such a marketing trap. Although a lot of it stems from the mere assumption that higher admission standards must correlate to a better school. Perhaps it translates into a better student body, but it doesn't necessarily translate to better outcomes, and moreover, you are paying for the privilege of any advantage you get. U of T's marketing material is a lot more slick than other schools, so I don't necessarily blame some of the people that I know for falling prey to it.
  14. This is a troll obviously but yes, you've summarized the Western culture pretty well. You'll love it there. You can even see if your frat branch or whatever is active at Western and stay in touch with it... the frats there are pretty well received.
  15. I know this question gets asked to death but I'm neurotic so I'm asking it again I already called adcomm at U of T earlier this year and asked and they said that my offer was unconditional and it was fine. But I just got two final grades back and one is in the 60s and the other is in the 70s - I've never had a grade on my transcript lower than 85 lol. I'm graduating this year and I'll still graduate but will they look at these grades and rescind my acceptance? I just feel like crap, these two classes were so difficult, have I screwed myself? Or does "no conditions" really mean that all I needed to do was graduate?
  16. If I don't accept the scholarship, I am not forgoing my spot at the school, I am just forgoing the scholarship. I understand that being wait-listed versus being offered a 20k scholarship means that Western views me as a better candidate than Osgoode does. However, at the end of the day, I care more about attending Osgoode even if they do not value me as highly as Western does. And, if I am lucky enough to get into Osgoode, I'll have three years to prove to them that I am a top student. These initial screenings are not indicative of one's success in law school. I appreciate the feedback!
  17. Did Jurassic Park teach you nothing?!
  18. When I meet students now I still ask the question that frustrated me back then: 'what kind of law are you into, what kind of lawyer would you like to be, and why'. I was asked that question at an interview and I said in five years I'd like to have certain experiences under my belt. I wanted to run my own trial, junior a complex trial, significant experience in chambers, tons of discoveries, etc. I know it's just one element of litigation, but I made it very clear that I valued those experiences. It's not the correct answer, just mine. It takes some work to come up with your own but it's work you have to do. On the topic of "people are nicer in real life" - I've been pretty mean in real life. I've flatly told someone if they couldn't get into a Canadian law school they should probably look into other careers (and give up on being a lawyer). I said this as a law student to an prospective applicant. Their GPA was similar to mine but their LSAT was mediocre. I strongly encouraged them to do everything they humanly could to improve that score. They seemed to think a better option was to go an international route. I said that the international route has so many hurdles, so many barriers to overcome (financial, learning different law, articles, etc), especially since they did not have any connection to the law. Being a lawyer was more of an idea to this person. I still stand by my advice. Of course, I made it very clear that it was just my opinion, and that many people overcome the difficulties and no one knows what the future holds, they could go international, come back to a great firm, do amazing work, and eventually to look down at me from the bench. I still told someone to give up on their dream career. Eh, it's not so bad. It's easier to say these things when you've given up on your own dreams (astronaut, Dinosaur biologist*). Choosing your career is a luxury unknown to most people. Most people do what they have to do to get by. * No, I don't mean paleontology (boring!), I mean creating live dinosaurs and then studying them. Well, not studying. More like just be an expert that gets to talk about dinosaurs all the time.
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  20. LOL. The salary is the same as when I started in 2008. They don't care about tuition or inflation.
  21. I really enjoyed my time at Windsor (single JD). Good profs, who in my experience were always accessible and really into helping their students, good selection of courses, helpful career services office and a great social environment as well. Made some amazing friends and I found that there was always something to do on the weekend (basically every weekend there was some sort of event or party). Having Detroit next door is also a pretty sweet benefit in my opinion. Lots of cheap sports, concerts and food in Detroit. My friends ended up landing a variety of gigs (big law, medium sized firms, criminal, family, etc.), so I wouldn't worry about that too much and I would say that most ended up around the GTA (although a number did end up in other provinces by choice). Windsor would be my vote, but obviously I did not go to Ottawa, so can't really do a fair comparison.
  22. I would just phone them! I have no idea what the answer is, though someone here may know, but your best bet for stuff like this (particularly things that involve dropping $1000+ in course fees) is just to ask admissions directly! They are super friendly and then tend to be very helpful with things like this
  23. lol there were a couple of well known posters here who were very bro-y. Wonder what happened to them. But yes, theres definitely bros in law school. good luck!
  24. I was lucky enough to find a (potential) roommate also going into 1L through a friend of a friend of a friend. But I've also seen a few guys post about finding roommates in the Western Law Class of 2020 Facebook group. Maybe you could make a post there. (PS we are leaning towards 205 Oxford St, if anyone else wants to jump in about pros/cons of different buildings that'd be awesome)
  25. Bros don't dress preppy (although suddenly they're big into pomade). This man's an imposter.
  26. I'd suggest identifying the specific question types across all sections that seem to be a problem and going back to the books to focus on those.
  27. If you don't accept Western with scholarship now, and don't get into Os this cycle, would you simply go to Western without scholarship, or would you consider sitting a year out, upgrade and re-apply, hoping for Os? I think the answer to that question answers a lot...
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